Amazing Stories Special Issue: SOL SYSTEM – Kickstarter now live!

11/7/2023: Today, the Amazing Stories Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign begins. And once again, Amazing Stories hopes to harness the energy of the science fiction community to raise the funds to release a special issue featuring some of the biggest names in SF today speculating about the future of mankind in our solar system!

Stretch goals will be used to increase author and artist pay and to fund Amazing’s second ONLINE science fiction convention – AmazingCon II. There are also numerous contributor rewards, including copies of the special issue, some of our books and anthologies, AmazingCon convention tickets, and other exciting bonuses!

Amazing Stories’ mission is to publish exciting stories of science fiction with scientifically plausible extrapolation. Every issue we publish includes fiction, fact, opinion, art, cartoons, and more. We also have a line of books under our Amazing Selects imprint featuring works from authors such as David Gerrold, Allen Steele, John Stith, and more.

The Kickstarter Campaign can be accessed by clicking here!

The staff, contributors, and members of Amazing Stories fervently hope that all fans will join them in making this campaign a success! We’re also seeking new flash fiction and commissioning art for this special issue.

Amazing Stories, the magazine, is the latest incarnation of the science fiction field’s first publication devoted exclusively to the genre. Founded in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback, the publisher for whom the World Science Fiction Society’s prestigious Hugo Award is named, the magazine published the first formal definition for the genre in its very first issue and would go on to inspire virtually every single SFWA Grandmaster in the field. Today, the magazine publishes new, contemporary fiction by some of the biggest names in the field. Amazing Stories is also an online multi-author blog and social site for science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans, published by Amazing Stories, LLC. It publishes reviews, interviews, commentary, critique, and analysis of subjects of interest to fans, as well as occasional short fiction. The website was established nearly a decade ago in December 2012 by Publisher Emeritus Steve Davidson. The site has published over 12,400 articles and stories, acquired over 200 contributors, and has well over 63,000 registered members since its inception.

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