SPECIAL HISTORICAL NOTE: Tuesday, July 16th, will mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s lift off; Friday, July 19 will be the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Orbit Insertion program and Saturday, July 20th will mark the 50th anniversary of both the successful Lunar landing (20:17:39 GMT) and the first steps on the Moon by a human being (2:56:15 GMT).  A detailed time line of Apollo11’s mission can be found here.

SPECIAL SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT:  Do NOT go to Area 51 to “storm the fences”.  Not only is it a heavily restricted military base, the flying saucers stored there have extremely effective death rays mounted on them.


Charlie Chaplin’s Speech from The Great Dictator:  (listen to it.  all the way through)

ICE Using Facial Recognition Programs

AfroFuture Fest was going to charge white attendees more;  artists pulled out

Trump becomes first US President to address anti-LGBT group

The difference between Love and Bigotry

MIT AI can predict breast cancer up to five years in advance

Yes, there WERE POCs in Medieval Europe

80 Year Old Cartoon Nails Government Spending Priorities

Witness to Government Collapses has Dire Warning for US

How to Pray Away the Bad:  Interfaith vigil supports abortion clinic


Chris Garcia Announces Impending Release of Apollo 11 issue of Journey Planet

Ginjer Buchanan’s I Have No Sleep and I Must a Giggle con report send up 

Spider-Man:  Far From Home post credit scene “shocking”

Capsule reviews of RAH juvenovels and Heinlein book store has some interesting offerings

Ellison shuts down an (annoying) radio DJ

Is Greed a Universal Constant?

You Don’t F*** with The Jesus!  At least not if you want to see this Big Lebowski sequel! (A Big Lebowski sequel? Yes. A Big Lebowski sequel)

High Tech owned by Low Tech:  Spear takes out drone

A Predator planting rice – doesn’t look very skilled

Deep Space 9 Cat Tree

Get Your Very Own “Dave Kyle Says You Can’t Sit Here” Throw Pillow (reserve your seat at those pesky crowded panels!)

How to demolish ye olde physics lab

Claymation at its Best:  Pingu’s The Thing

Feminist Fright Fest (some folks are just frightened of feminists)

Great Letter to Fan from Isaac Asimov

SF Commentary 99, the 50th Anniversary issue, is now available on


“Hybrid” Vanity Presses Push Back against Writer Beware Warnings (don’t buy the hype)

Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin to air on PBS’ American Masters

Chris Garcia announced as GoH for NASFiC 2020

Walter Koenig talks about working on Ellison’s screenplay for Memo from Purgatory

Best Science Fiction of the Year Cover reveal


Swanwick and Dozois novel The City Under the Stars to be published

Thoughts on a Best Translated Hugo Award

PW SF Feature prioritizes Afrofuture works

Character Back Stories can be Torture

Author of The Martian writes YA graphic novel

An Analysis of Astounding/Analog’s author gender diversity

If you’re near London Professor Sherryl Vint will be lecturing on The Promissory Imagination: Speculative Futures and Biopolitics

Science Fiction Author Death Match:  RAH vs Andre Norton

Michael Kurland announces the imminent release of a short story collection

Milton Davis announces alternate history Shaka Zulu novel

Free Content for Patreon Supporters of David Gerrold

Huh.  There’s Catholic Priests all over my sci fi

William Gibson Thinks Sci Fi Writers Almost Always Get Their Predictions Wrong  (well, maybe the “sci fi” writers….)

Art Submissions Wanted for The Art of Planetary Science


Inspiring Video of Exo Planet Discoveries

Plastic-Eating Mushroom will save us all

Or maybe planting 2.2 million acres with trees will save us all  (my money is on the plastic-eating mushroom tree)

If Pet Cemetary had featured pigs…scientists bringing dead (pig) brains back to life

Apollo anniversary lecture series

Do you love but are allergic to cats?  This may be the answer

Scientists Trace FRB to its Source

Quantum Schmauntum:  Check out entangled Time

Rwanda(!) Launches communications satellite for educational support

Far From Home:  Voyager Twins keep on ticking

Is the Gulf of Mexico experiencing environmental collapse?

Saturn V Image to be Projected on the Washington Monument

Transparent Aluminum – coming to a spaceship near you!

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