It’s Alive!…?  Google engineer claims AI is sentient (Mini Editorial: We’ve been saying for years that “Google” is “self-aware”…but that it’s just too smart to reveal itself before it is ready to take over everything. This recent announcement was probably intended by Google to assess public reaction to an announcement of its existence. Seeing that the majority of people paid no attention and that the majority of the minority dismissed it entirely, it is probably safe for Google to begin its emergence into the real world.  You’ve been warned.)

Robot to star in feature film

Forget the Infinity Stones.  Scientists are now working with “Time Crystals”  (did someone just mashup Land of the Lost and the MCU?)

Patterson takes some hits

Fansided chimes in on the Uighurs and Worldcon

Buzz Lightyear not playing in certain countries because they wouldn’t self-censor

On JordonCon

Richard Graeme Cameron announces new Perzine

Nnedi Okorafor on the power of comics

Cory Panshin mentions Mayan astronomy

Susan Shwartz spotlights Stagecoach Mary

NO Reboot for The Island.  (Good.  Maybe it is a sign that studios are turning away from reboots, remakes and re-imaginings.  But probably – “naaaa”)

Real Life Squid Game Coming to a Screen Near You.  (If Richard Dawson were still alive, it would be a live version of The Running Man.  Excuse me…but how do we get OFF of this merry-go-round?)

Katya Echazaretta – first Mexican Born Woman to go to space

Lawrence Block announces – a whole mess of stuff, including a new release from Subterranean Press

Daniel Day points us to this fan edit of a favorite ‘Trek episode

Mark Chadbourn informs us that China has announced alien signals (have the censored them first?)

On June 29th, NASA invites you to the JWST’s First Images event

From the “This is why we can’t have nice things department”:  Ms. Marvel is being review-bombed by insecure idiots



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