Worldcon 2023 issues confusing membership rates that might violate WSFS rules

Lets you and him fight…TOL vs TTZ

Diversity is working for Hollywood

Tom Barber, the artist (cover artist for Amazing Stories) has a new bio coming out;  here’s one fan’s homage

Listen to the Spider Web (sonification of spider webs…very eerie, very cool)

Do you like RPGs?  Here’s a take from a design company

New Releases:  Coming in April on Tor, Susan Palwick’s The Long View

Want to know who’s been doing this SF thing for longer than you?  Check this out

Deleted The Batman scene – Batman interviews the Joker in Arkham

They just might be able to bring back the Dodo

That’s not a cat, it’s a….

Global Warming is apparently accelerating faster than anticipated, with an ice shelf breaking away sooner than expectedMini Editorial:  Every single prediction about the effects and timing of the events of global warming have A:  so far been accurate so far as effects are concerned and B.  have been way (WAY) overly optimistic in their time frames, as in, MORE than they expected to happen is happening FASTER and to a GREATER degree than they have been predicting.  Which means, things are more dire than you suppose…and will continue to be.

There will come a time when the universe will run out of storage space for information.  What happens then?

Greatest SF Authors of All Time...another list that gets it wrong….

Damien has some thoughts on a few television shows

People on the Internet are arguing over the sexual orientation of a television show character, and most of them are getting it wrong:  Captain Kirk was NOT bisexual; he is and was Omnisexual (meaning that our good friend Jim would screw anything that  would consent to being screwed, regardless of how many legs, tentacles or other appendages it may or may not possess.  He is universally known to be the Alpha Quadrant’s horniest horndog…and we have the fan fiction to prove it!)

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