WEBB Deployed, Foundation suckage, robot drag, Boskone programming, Delany on Butler, lots more

Quercus Publishing announces  OUR CHILD OF TWO WORLDS by Stephen Cox (31st March, PR attached), the highly-anticipated follow-up to Our Child of the Stars which Grazia praised as having ‘the same combination of science fiction and heart-tugging tenderness that Stephen King does so well.

Author Calvin B. Fisher’s post-apocalyptic thriller The Northfield Saga: Apocalypse Bounty Now Available From Headline Books

The Mark Twain House & Museum Now Accepting Submissions for the 2022 Mark Twain American Voice in Literature Award

A Documentary about the Pantex Nuclear Plant

Get your Space Patrol gear (from a cereal company) here

NASA Scientist says Terraforming Mars is possible (Venus too! They must have been listening when I suggested that we could just vacuum up Venus’ excess atmosphere and add it to Mars)

At least one reviewer finds The Book of Boba Fett “worse than polio”.  I’m not too thrilled with any of the franchise expansions, but “worse than polio”?  Probably too young to ever be offered a sugar cube)

Boskone 2022 Programming Set

Samuel Delany reminisces about Octavia Butler

Why this guy likes MAGA hats – and you should too!

Planet Scumm magazine opens for submissions

Voters Guide for 2021 FAAN Awards

Adam-Troy Castro‘s Go Fund Me for much-deserved support of the author

Damien Walter’s take on Foundation (he thought it sucked just as much as everybody else:  If you watched their reboot of Amazing Stories, the suckage should be no surprise)

Robot Drag?  We’re not sure what that is exactly, but there’s a performance of it coming up soon

If Robot Drag doesn’t fit the bill, perhaps the Charlotte Symphony’s performance of Space Out SF Movie Music will

(Paywall) US Civil War?  NY Times Op Ed page tackles it, with this one (of many) opinion pieces

The Future (2022) in Space – upcoming missions and milestones

WEBB has fully – and successfully – deployed!

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