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BFB-HQ-Logo-ChromeThis week Absolute Zero, our occassional feature on really cool websites, brings you the

Best Fantasy Books HQ, a website devoted to helping readers discover the best in fantasy.

Best Fantasy Books HQ stands out because of the “Power Search” features they’ve put in place.  Not only can you read reviews of individual fantasy novels and series, but you can search for specific kinds of works based on their sub-genre affiliations and/or the audience they’re written for.  Some selected options include:

Dark, Epic, Heroic, Romance, Sword & Sorcery and Military.

You can also select by genre and target audience (YA, Mature).

Best Fantasy Books HQ also carries a running tally of the top fantasy offerings and offers sample chapters from various works.

If you are into fantasy, Best Fantasy Books HQ is a go-to resource!  Visit them today!

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