AMAZING NEWS: 8/8/2021

Enceladus speculations, backs of black holes, the first non-governmental astronaut, asteroids, Robbie the Robot and more

Burt Rutan’s Spaceship one remembered

Robbie and Altaira (can’t be sitting in a tree, Robbie is too heavy)

The back of a Black Hole seen for the first time

Norway’s recent asteroid

Podcast intereviews Land of the Lost creator, David Gerrold

Apollo 11’s LEM could still be in orbit around the Moon

First female Doctor is leaving the show

Space Comes to Reality TV (or is it Reality TV Goes to Space?)

AFI releases 10 Best SF Film list (wrong!)

Preface:  My personal experience tells me that everything “climate scientists” have predicted, estimated, prognosticated and speculated on ends up takinig place faster, sooner and more catastrophically than they predicted.  Consistently.  Now read this

Lets take a closer look at Enceladus

A memorial at Fort Benning will honor a black US soldier who was lynced


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