Ansible Adds Sladek Title to Its Reads for Fans


Please note Dave Langford’s corrections in the comments below!

Ansible is the FTL communication device invented by Ursula Le Guin

Ansible is the long-running newszine by long-running fan David Langford

Ansible Editions is a publisher of critiques, reviews and fan history, recently releasing New Maps:  More Uncollected John Sladek

and will soon be releasing: Beyond the Outposts: Essays on SF and Fantasy 1955-1996 by Algis Budrys

All Ansible Editions print editions sales are used to support TAFF – the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund – that helps to underwrite the expense of TAFF delegates to Worldcon.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Steve, but this post isn’t quite accurate. Yes, Ansible Editions has prepared lots of free ebooks for the TAFF site — see the cover gallery at — and they’re downloadable with no strings attached, though those who enjoy them are invited to donate to TAFF. However, the Sladek NEW MAPS and Budrys BEYOND THE OUTPOSTS are not free and have nothing to do with TAFF. They are published by agreement with the author’s estates (i.e. their widows), who receive royalties on every copy sold.


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