AMAZING NEWS: 12/15/19

SPECIAL NOTE:  Some items may be slightly dated as they are carried over from last week’s unpublished news feature.


Rosa Parks honored with statue in Alabama and Barbie in toy stores

Jewish Student Should Resign from School Council if they visit Israel

Global Surge of Antisemitism not being adequately documented

If these videos don’t scare you into maintaining better password security, nothing will (Alternatively, you could simply not voluntarily install surveilliance devices in your own home. No one wants to be the first person accused of a crime based on evidence provided by their refrigerator.)

Afrofuturism at SDCC


London Bridge Heroes as SuperHeroes

A Rundown on BBC’s War of the Worlds

Python song still relevant

Gernsback’s 1931 Wonder Stories Writing Contest

Star Wars star speaks out

Andrew Paul Weston’s Novels available

For Your Consideration:  TOR’s 2019 Short Fiction

DC’s Crisis

Better get your tickets Somtow’s Siam Sinfionetta New Year’s Concert is on the 20th

Lost in Space Season 2 Trailer – Nice Music, Silly Concept

Three Body Problem CGI

If you love bad TV specials AND Raquel Welch, this dance number is for you

Spider-Man watches you watching him in VFX reel

UK TV Trek Parody Uncovered

Polygon’s Best of 2019

A Christmas Zombie Story


Dave Creek Unveils New Collection Cover Art

Jack Dann’s new Shadows in the Stone novel now available on his website

Hugo Book Club Recommends Schroeder’s Stealing Worlds

Llando Calrissian may not be gender fluid, but Billy Dee is

One of the better Fifty Best SF Book Lists

Drop the “punk” – write Science Fiction

Weaponizing Optimism

ERB Authorized Library Unveiled

Andrew Weiner – RIP

Review of Wolfe’s Library of America Collection

Watchmen is Over-rated


Metal that conducts electricity, but not heat

Nature Creates Dance Worthy of the Bolshoi

Feast Your Eyes on the Conundrum that is Hoag’s Object

Help Save Our Hominid Brothers and Sisters

Crichton is laughing in his grave:  T Rex embroy created from chicken DNA

NOW tell me Cats aren’t really smart

3D Home Printing, from Hemp


Tens of thousands of “Penis Worms” invade California Beach

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