You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Can Get Amazing Stories

What’s Amazing? Find out here!

Call this crass commercialism, call it a desperate promotional effort, call it marketing hype, call it silly and unnecessary, call it whatever you will.  Regardless of what you call it – read it!

We have now produced 5 issues of the magazine since August of 2018.  That’s a perfect number, because we are publishing quarterly.

With a couple of exceptions, every story and every article is NEW, contemporary content.  We are not publishing pulp redux, we are not publishing “golden age science fiction”, we are not selecting stories to support a political agenda.  In fact, we are not publishing anything that various and sundry are complaining about;  we’re publishing good, solid, entertaining and thought-provoking modern science fiction.  At least in the magazine.  Check out our comprehensive list of the authors who have appeared in our pages, right below this enticing and attractive cover gallery:

R. S. Belcher, Marie Bilodeau, Clara Blackwood, Ricky Brown, Elsa M. Carruthers, Adam-Troy Castro, Noah Chinn, Jack Clemons, Dave Creek, Marc A. Criley, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Julie Czerneda, Gary Dalkin, Paul Di Filippo, Roger Dutcher, Steve Fahnestalk, Jen Frankel, David Gerrold, Tanya Karen Gough, Sean Grigsby, Neal Holtschulte, Tyler Hagemann, G. Scott Huggins, Matthew Hughes, Kameron Hurley, Tatiana Ivanova, T. B. Jeremiah, Sandra Kasturi, Valerie Chantal Kaelin, Daniel M. Kimmel, Kathy Kitts, Mary Soon Lee, Paul Levinson, Francine P Lewis, Marina J Lostetter, Sally McBride, Jack McDevitt, Shirley Meier, Joanna Miles, M. J. Moores, Lena Ng, Wendy Nikel, Julie Novakova, Uche Ogbuji, Brad Preslar, Brian Rappatta, Amber Royer, Rudy Rucker, S. L. Saboviec, Darrell Schweitzer, Veronica Scott, Robert Silverberg, Cathy Smith, Rosemary Claire Smith, S. P. Somtow, Bud Sparhawk, Allen Steele, Jerri Hardesty, Drew Hayden Taylor, Matthew Timmins, R. Gene Turchin, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm.

We’ve got new guard and old guard, space opera and milSF and SF romance and hard SF and comedy SF and other sub-genre maestros in there;  we’ve got award winners and nominees, new folks and old folks, we’ve got A GREAT MIX.

And we’ve got ART.  Each of our authors gets a profile pic.  Each of our stories gets a full page title illustration.  There are cartoons throughout.  (When was the last time you saw that?)

Our artists have so far included:

Austeja, Roberto Armas, Igor Avdeev, Tom Barber, Olivia Beelby, Renan Boe, Sean Chappell, Melisa Des Rosier, Vincent Di Fate, Phil Foglio, Wojciech Dudzinski, Jon Eno, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk, Brad Foster, J.M. Frey, Gil Geolingo, Paolo Giari, John Grant, David Hardy, HMW, M.D. Jackson, Ngoc Lam, Amanda Makepeace, Richard Mandrachio, Britt Martin, Yoko Matsuoka, Ron Miller, Tom Miller, Ivan Montoya, Nizar, Chukwudi Nwaefulu, Anton Oxenuk, Olena Perekhrystiuk, Anthony Rhodes, Lianna Ribeiro, Armas Roberto, Tony Sart, Pratap Sharma, Dan Simon, Al Sirois, Steve Stiles, Matt Taggart, Tais Teng, Derek Whitaker, Cheyenne Wright

(All of our fiction is submitted via an anonymizing submission site;  for those keeping track, we’re roughly 50/50 on male and female authors, roughly 75/25 male and female artists;  our covers are 50/50 depictions as well.  We continuously work on making the magazine representative, do out reach and continue to strive for that goal.)

As they say though, that is NOT all:

Our website (where you are right now)

is updated daily and features reviews, interviews, articles, opinion and more, and covers the entire history and spectrum of the SF/F/H genres, from Anime to a word beginning with ‘Z’ that represents comprehensive coverage of the subjects so near and dear to your hearts and imaginations.  We are rapidly closing in on the publication of 10,000 posts, written by over 200 contributors, many of whom you are already familiar with.  Ten thousand posts.  At 1,000 words per post (by no means the average length of our pieces), we’re talking about more than ten million words of everything from silliness to seriousness and all of genre interest.  At today’s averages, that’s over 100 SF novels worth of content (slightly fewer fantasy novels).

You could spend weeks in here reading what we have on offer.  (Some do;  we hope they are eating, resting and exercising properly.)

Done?  No.  Not by a long shot:

We are, in addition to publishing some of the best contemporary fiction, also mining the past.  Specifically, Amazing Stories’s past, which, if you are new here, we will forgive you for not knowing stretches all the way back to 1926 and is synonymous with creating the science fiction genre as a genre, by offering the first magazine devoted solely to that genre (not to mention starting science fiction fandom within its pages as well).

We publish a line of annual anthologies in partnership with Futures Past Editions, one of the original e-book publishing firms.  Each volume in the series features the best stories drawn from a year’s worth of magazine issues:

(Note:  two editions are out of annual sequence because we wanted to support the Retro Hugo Awards for those years.  We’re busily filling in the gaps.)


we accompany that line of anthologies with novels under the Amazing Stories Classics line –

aaaaand supplement that all with a growing line of facsimile issues of important and interesting editions –

We’ve also got a comic book

and, an entire line of posters reproducing the covers created by Frank R. Paul

Drink some tea or coffee or one of those awful energy drinks, there’s still MORE:

We have a Podcast – The Gernsback Machine – helmed by editor Ira Nayman

We have a store where you can order all of the above

We have a comprehensive (!) events calendar that event organizers can add to and is searchable by date, type of convention and location


well, I know I’m forgetting stuff, like T-shirts and Coffee Mugs, not to mention other stuff, but you all are probably saturated by now, so I will leave you all with this:

It’s all Amazing.  Amazing Stories that is.

Wait, wait!  Despite concluding – there will also be a television show, headlined by Steven Spielberg, that will be one of the premiere offerings when the AppleTV+ streaming service debuts this November.

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  1. If I remember correctly, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk’s name should appear in the list of “Artists we’ve published so far.” But I don’t see it… ?

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