SPECIAL NOTE:  (That you will see every week from now on until the premiere):  Amazing Stories TV Show expected to air this November.  CNET tracks developments of the proposed lineup here.


Who’s the girl with all the cool moves?  Rosa and Sally, that’s who!  Rosa Parks and Sally Ride get their own Barbies

Airport Scanners and Transgendered People are Not Mixing Well

Court Rules it is Constitutional to Ban Atheists from offering opening invocations at State House (when they should be ruling it is Unconstitutional to give religiously-based invocations)


First Fandom Experience FeedA Letter from John Campbell

The Rise of Skywalker gets the Honest Trailers Treatment

Growing Up Tromafied:  Youthful rebellion takes an interesting path

Star Wars Souveniers Banned by TSA

A New issue of Surprising Stories is online

Joker Trailer

Posters for Movies that Never Happened

The Watch, based on Terry Pratchett’s novels, signs a lead

Unlike This Ain’t Star Trek’s X-rating, Tarantino’s offering will be R Rated

Cowboy Bebop’s Director Launches a New Anime


Jim C. Hines announces the passing of his wife from cancer.  Our sincere condolences Jim.

New York Review of Science Fiction Readings Kicks off the 2019 season this Tuesday

Official Statement by Analog Editor on Award’s Name Change

Harlan Ellison Video…’A revolution of thought’

Faith in Science Fiction, a roundtable discussion

Boskone announces Hal Clement Science Speaker Guest –(See accompanying note below about our Event’s Calendar)

Millennials don’t like old films

Hannes Bok Fiction Collection Kickstarter

More News Roundup at Speculative Fiction Showcase


Massive Pummice Island Heading for Great Barrier Reef – could replenish the reef.  (And you though the Gaia theory was BS)

Pummice Islands may not be enough

US Could Lose Measles Elimination Status by October – thanks anti-vaxxers

Gregory Benford Promotes His Brother’s ET Search Presentation

I could have a lot of (inappropriate) fun with this one.  Instead, we’ll just leave it here:  Penis Dysmorphia is a Thing

Skeleton Lake isn’t named skeleton lake for any reason other than they keep finding skeletons there


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