Anime roundup 3/23/2017: Are We There Yet?

Saga of Tanya the Evil #10 – Not only does the Fatherland have a plan to knock out enemy communication lines and catch the Republic’s right flank in its cleverly planned pincer movement, it turns out they also have a decisive move for shaking up the Rhine front. At last their enemies can be crushed and the war can be ended. Of course, just as the high command is gleefully congratulating itself on the thoroughness of its pwnage, things start to go wrong…

The alternate fantasy UK has taken its time getting directly involved, and is now regretting the fact that it didn’t do this sooner. (From the chatter on their side, it sounds like their equivalent of Neville Chamberlain showed up early.) On the other hand, they have a weapon they didn’t before: Anson Sioux, back in fighting condition and definitely showing enhanced magical powers.

Of all the people that could have been taken out first, I wouldn’t have guessed Grantz. It feels like his subplot wasn’t resolved yet. On the other hand, we don’t know that he’s dead for sure – he might just be getting set up for a little divine assistance of his own.


CHAOS;CHILD #10 – And the mastermind behind it all turns out to be Takuru’s adoptive father. It makes sense, in retrospect. He’s so interested in the psychics that he collected several of them. He’s had time to study them, so he knows both how their powers work and all about their personalities. He was probably part of the group running experiments on Senri at Tokyo General Hospital.

A dip into Takuru’s memories confirms that he did create Onoe. But then how does that fit with his other power of conveniently unlocking locks? It’s possible that Takuru has a more generalized power than the others, one that affects reality in whatever way he wants it to.

And that could be part of why he’s being set up over the murders. He’s the one who showed up with the power the cult was trying to create, so he’s the one Sakuma is really interested in.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans #48 – In a show like this, handing someone your prized possession and telling them they’d better return from that super-dangerous mission they’re going on is tantamount to signing their death warrant. This isn’t the first time in this show someone has been reminded of critical unfinished business that they will never take care of because the scriptwriter knows they’re about to die. I don’t think it’s even the third or fourth time.

Merribit has a bit of a death flag raised there, and I’d bet on someone at the Eugene/Akihiro/Chad command level dying too. The original Mobile Suit Gundam earned the nickname of “Kill ‘Em All” for its creator/director; knowing that this series needs to keep up the tradition reduces it to a cynical exercise in figuring out how many important people need to die at this point.

But hey, most of Tekkadan will escape, because of the great big tunnels right under headquarters which absolutely no one ever thought to mention before! This show has been doing so well at introducing things like the Calamity War bit by bit in the background before they became very relevant, so this feels like a major fumble.

(Daisuki — AnimeLab)

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. #11 – India and its people have a long record of being badly represented in anime, and I guess this show is not going to be the one that breaks the pattern. Bonus points for managing to combine that with the stereotype of the evil rich Arab.

So the coup is set to go. Warbler is a late-arriving voice of reason, but everyone else in ACCA totally accepts that preserving their jobs is absolutely the best thing for Dōwā. With sign-off from Mauve, the head of the Inspection Bureau, and the five chiefs, the only thing that can derail it now is Lilium’s chronic case of Talking Villain. Grossular looks like he’s learned enough to formulate a plan.

Bets for the final episode: Jean will wind up as king, and then come up with a clever decree that screws over Furawau but which the district will have to accept in order to save face. Schwan will be nearly taken out by the world’s most incompetent assassins, but after tasting the seductive sandwich bread of Bādon, will decide he doesn’t really want the throne after all. And this show will be over. At least we can all count on that.


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