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Where does real life imitate the fantastic? This week Steve checks in with Steve Carell and Mark Hogancamp for the answer.

Anime roundup 7/12/2018: Busted Flush

In this week's viewing: Summer season is here, and, erm... it's hard to get excited about just yet.

Anime roundup 4/19/2018: The End of the Beginning

In this week's viewing: The last batch of premieres for spring, and a couple of returning faces!

Parallel Universes Could Solve One of the Biggest Mysteries in Physics

Scientists suggest that general relativity applies to our universe, while quantum mechanics holds sway across ALL of the universes

Do we live in a multiverse? 

It has long been thought that our universe is all there is, but it is possible we may live in just one of many

Michio Kaku: The Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions

Does Einstein's 'Mind of God' exist in the 11th dimension?

Who lives in the eleventh dimension? – Parallel Universes – BBC...

this video from BBC show 'Parallel Universe' is full of mind-bending theories

Another Universe May Have Bumped Into Ours and We Might Have...

The Cold Spot in the cosmic microwave background radiation has led astronomers to speculate the possibility of parallel universes.

Anime roundup 10/12/2017: Kicking the Tires

In this week's viewing: Fall premieres go all out with myth, magic, aliens, and a surprising number of motorcycles.

Review: The Multiverse is a Nice Place to Visit, But I...

With a penchant for literary wit, author Ira Nayman shows readers why The Multiverse is a Nice Place to Visit, But I Wouldn’t Want to Live There.

Anime roundup 7/13/2017: Mystery Box

In this week's viewing: Another week of premieres has a bit of everything, from the good to the bad to the what the heck just happened there...

Anime roundup 7/6/2017: A Journey of a Thousand Shows Starts With...

In this week's viewing: Kado and Rage of Bahamut finish up spring, and the first wave of summer premieres.

Summer 2017 SF Anime Preview

Summer is here and so is the next gargantuan shipment of shows from Japan. Take a look at what's showing up a few days from now.

Comic Review: Arrowsmith

Arrowsmith is one of the best alternate history and fantasy comics out there.

Anime roundup 3/23/2017: Are We There Yet?

In this week's viewing: Everything's heading for the endgame!

Anime roundup 3/16/2017: The Wrong Stuff

In this week's viewing: Tanya the Evil expands into rocketry, ACCA clings grimly to the idiot ball, and more!

Anime roundup 3/2/2017: The Big Picture

In this week's viewing: ACCA and CHAOS;CHILD get a lot closer to assembling their puzzles, and more!

Anime roundup 2/16/2017: Counting Coups

In this week's viewing: ACCA is still chasing coup rumors, but Iron-Blooded Orphans comes up with one, and more!

Anime roundup 2/9/2017: Turnabout

In this week's viewing: Iron-Blooded Orphans gets Tekkadan some revenge, Tanya the Evil starts to enjoy her job, and more!

Winter 2017 SF Anime Preview

A quick rundown of what the new year will bring us in anime.

Review: Survival Game by Gary Gibson

Turning that distinctive recipe of post-apocalyptic literature on edge once again by taking readers to destroyed alternate worlds, Survival Game is the second “Apocalypse Duology” installment by Gary Gibson.


Steve watches lots of TV for YOU! He's trying to save you from bad shows and point you to good shows. That's how selfless he is. Why else would he put in the hours in front of a lighted box?

Scide Splitters: What Mad Universe by Fredric Brown

Reasons why you should read What Mad World by Fredric Brown, if you haven't already.

Interview With Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire, sometimes known as Mira Grant, is one of this generation’s most prolific writers.