AMAZING NEWS: 2-26-2017

SPECIAL NOTE:  There’s a TAFF race on (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) and one of the candidates is an Amazing Stories contributor – John Purcell.  Based on that alone, Amazing Stories is endorsing John for this race.  There are a lot of other reasons as well to do so, not the least of which is John’s publication of your publisher’s rant in Shitgibbon: The Ranthology. John is also a talented writer and fanzine publisher, plus, I think he plays guitar.  You can read John’s candidacy statement here and here.  You can learn about all of the candidates here and you can obtain a ballot here.


Canada Tries Basic Income:  An SF idea whose time may have come

Hiding Under the Covers Won’t Work:  Ten Steps for Getting Rid of Trump

I Can’t Get Anywhere Without Driving Over a Structurally Unsound Bridge.  You?

Hillary Wanted to Take Our Guns.  Really?  Then Why Is This The Trump Administration?

Spyware for the Common Person

Trappist-1 a Target for Trump Refugees

If You Really Need to Read More About Milo….

George Takei:  11 Words

A Web Series About Being a Woman Online


Elon Musk Thinks We’re Already in the Future

New Streaming Service for Classic Film Buffs

YAY! for the Bookmobile!

Nebula Noms with Free Reads (via File 770)

StarShip Sofa 474

Diane Severson Mori at Practice

New on Netflix for March

Shades of Day World (or maybe A Woman A Day?) Paid Work Breaks for Sex


Writer Beware Stay-Away Alert

BSFA Shortlist

Strock? or Sawyer?

New Release: Boundaries, Border Crossings and Reinventing the Future

Puppy Protection:  Just Read the Review

NY Metropolitan Releases 375,000 Digital Images

Ursula Was Doing It Long Before Most of Us

District of Wonders Close to Stretch Goal


Is Gandalf Behind This?  France Using Eagles to Take Down Drones

Seven Earth-like Planets and Three in the Goldilocks Zone (12 Days of X-mas); NASA Presser; Trappist-1 in the Night Sky; Virtual Tour

Find Your Own Damn Exo-Planet!

Lift Off AND Landing of Falcon 9 (I get shivers every time I’m able to write “lift off AND landing”!)

Nasty Stuff You Should Know:  What is VX?

UAE Joins Race to Colonize Mars

Ring of Fire Eclipse

High Altitude Balloons to Reach the Edge of Space…with Tourists

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