AMAZING NEWS: 7/26/20 Post Hugo Awards Voting & Post Kickstarter Edition

Okorafor wins Eisner; Gerrold shares grandson pic, Levinson reviews, Zicree presents Space Command, China launches space probe, Hugo voting ends, Silver presents on The Big Idea, more

SPECIAL NOTES:  2020 Hugo Awards Finalist voting has concluded.  Voting for 2022 Site Selection (Chicago USA or Jeddah SA) remains open until 7/29.
Amazing Stories 2nd Kickstarter has Successfully concluded.  A new issue will be out shortly (and yes; if the last issue you received was the Fall 2019 issue (Volume 78, #1), you are up-to-date.

Paul Levinson reviews Into the Dark

Dragon Awards or ‘Why are you bringing them up when most everyone has forgotten about them?‘;  Camestros Felapton explains some of that.

Steven H Silver appears on John Scalzi’s The Big Idea, discussing his debut novel After Hastings

David A. Hardy showcases a “greedy” image commissioned by the Moody Blues’ Tony Clarke

CoNZealand’s Programming Schedule

Teeny Tiny Larval Form grows into one of the biggest fish in the sea

Nye the Science Gye says “We’re all one species”

Ron Miller shares some fun illustrations about Lunar Exploration

Internet Archive (Boo!  Boo!) has PDFs of Gernsback’s ‘also ran’ magazine Air Wonder Stories

NASA’s Perseverence Mars Rover launches real soon now

According to a new study, being Open Minded is a progressive, liberal trait, whereas sticking to your (wrong, incorrect, dangerous, misleading, illogical, and frequently ignorant) guns even in the face of contrary evidence, is a conservative trait

China’s Mars Probe (orbiter, lander & rover), Tianwen-1, is on its way

This post might have some stuff you didn’t know about Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone

When enough is enough, and these Billionaires have enough

Wasps are going to start being more active; get to know the bee’s cousins (they’re not all murder hornets)

AI at Light Speed:  Optical networks increase the speed at which learning systems learn.  Could be dangerous

Paul Levinson reviews more stuff:  The new edition of Unsolved Mysteries

Marc Zicree – Mr. Sci-Fi – wants you to know about the crowdfunding campaign for his indie TV show – Space Command

and…The Geek Partnership Society needs your support

Physicists agree:  The Universe Should Not Exist.  So Now What?

A couple of years ago, pundits tried to tell us that reading science fiction makes readers “more stupid”.  Now they’re saying reading the genre builds mental resiliency.  We say:  stop reading the pundits and get back to that SF novel you are enjoying so much!

THIS is why YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH OR SUPPORT COMET TV.  The retro SF channel is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting and Sinclair is BAD.  Very, Very, BAD.

Creators of Color discuss their lived experiences at a Comic Con panel.

David Gerrold shares an image of his newish Grandson, Aiden

Nnedi Okorafor’s LaGuardia wins Eisner award

Female character stereotypes questioned at Comic Con Panel


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