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Now split between fiction and non fiction!

Special Note:  This week begins our separation of fiction and non-fiction in Time Machine.


Bob the Hipster Knight by Jeremy Lichtman

New Fiction: Bob, The Hipster Knight


The Best YouTube Channels for History Nerds

The Ten Greatest Wizards of All Time

Obituario: Jorge De Abreu (1963-2016)

Why Isn’t The Long Walk a Movie Yet?

AMAZING NEWS: 10/2/2016: Special Fiction Announcement

Literatura fantástica juvenil: Entrevista a Carla Angelo Paredes (Hitto)

Review: THE WITCH OF ZAL by Kerry Gans

Books That Never Were – Farewell Atlantis

Sports and Games in Science Fiction Romance

Worldcon 75 – Helsinki – Already Heating Up

The Top 10 Best Alternate History Books (Version 1.0)

Publisher’s Introduction to the Special Edition

Review: Terraforming: Ecopolitical Transformations and Environmentalism in Science Fiction by Chris Pak

El Güije, el cagüeyro, la tatagua y otros seres de la mitología cubana

The No Editorial Editorial


Alternate Israels: Five Historical Proposals for a Jewish Homeland

Review: Who’s There? by Arthur C. Clarke

The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke

It’s (Not) Rocket Science: John Aaron: “SCE to AUX”

Five Common Mistakes in American Civil War Alternate Histories

Anime roundup 10/6/2016: Weird Sisters

Michiko to Hatchin is the Best Anime You’ve Never Watched

The Art and Science of Spaceship Design I: The Xiezhi from Revolution 60

Star Wars and SF cinema: Where would the genre have gone without it?

3 Witches: Reading into Dario Argento’s ‘The Three Mothers’ Trilogy

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