The No Editorial Editorial

A somewhat guest editorial on an issue central to the SF community.

I had a piece on the upcoming election scheduled for today.  Over nite, I decided that it wasn’t entirely appropriate for Amazing Stories.

So, instead I’ll point you to a manifesto, or a rant (depending on your views) that appeared late yesterday on Facebook, by Joch McArthur on the subject of the presentation of minorities in our fiction.

If I’d had enough time to get in touch with Joch, I’d have asked her if I could run it as a guest editorial.

Which is something I’d like to see more of here.  I’m POSITIVE that many of you have gotten tired of the weekly blather from myself.  We need some fresh voices and some fresh viewpoints.

If you should happen to come across an interesting take during your travels around the web, or have something pressing on your own chest that you need to get off, give a thought to sending it our way.

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  1. It is more or less (well MUCH less cursing) in my articles about the problem here in Amazing Stories. And I received my first “Feminazi” 🙂

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