AMAZING NEWS: 1/17/2016:


SFWA Singularity #18 (excerpts for general consumption only)


Academy Awards:  Whites Only;  Chris Rock Comments

More Anti-Vaccination Nonsense

NASA Has an Anti-Harassment Policy

Moms are Getting Older

On Space Opera Millennials (via Radish Reviews)

The ‘Sexy, Tragic Muse’ (via Radish Reviews)


The Axanar Faq

The New Bradbury Review

Hugo Legosand Vox’s Response

Review of Mieville’s Lates

Could Extortion Have an Evolutionary Basis?  Monkeys steal for trade

Walking Dead Mid-Season Poster

Tarzan is Coming

Netflix to add Punisher Series

5% More Deadpool

Valerian Video

Donkey & Shrek in Kung Fu Panda Video

“I would like, if I may, to tell you a story…” about Tim Curry playing the Narrator in upcoming RHPS remake

Sequel to Cloverfield?  Kinda

New Kirk talks being a sidekick in Wonder Woman film

Kirkman on TWD S6:  ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet”.  (Yeah, well….)

David Brin on Upcoming SF Shows (and he’s right: “Hey, what about an Uplift Series!?”)

Super Hero actors before they were Nerdy (via K Davidson)


John C. Wright states slate voting is wrong. Since he’s so against it, you’d assume he wants his works removed from slates…How’s that cake tasting, Mr. Wright?

Ansible, January 2016

Should GRRM and Fans Have a ‘Time Out”?

Levinson’s Ian’s Ions and Eons released

Dr. Lazarus is Dead

Letters from Mike & Susan Glicksohn

Marvel Omnibus Books May Be On Sale, Briefly

Tilton Leaves Locus

WSFS MPC Seeks Euro Registrations


Hawking Solves His Own Problem

David A Hardy Uncovers Latest NASA Hoax

SpaceX Booster Could Be Re-Used (but will go into a museum instead:  so much for recyclable space vehicles…)

Cool Sky stuff:  Street Map in the Sky

The Best Science Comes From:  But THAT Doesn’t Make Sense!  Exploding Star Baffles

It’s not comets.  That weird dimming star is still a mystery


(Excerpts appropriate for all audiences:  some content addressed to SFWA members directly not included)

The Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award Contest

For those of you who write near-future “humans-in-space” science fiction, the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award contest is now open for submissions. The window closes 12:01am, U.S. Pacific Time, February 1, 2016.

This contest is jointly sponsored by the National Space Society and Baen Books. The winner gets pro rate publication at and the award will be given out at the 2016 International Space Development Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 18-22, 2016 – William Ledbetter

Committee News

Update on Short Fiction Committee

The Short Fiction Committee is currently building a process for a regular, periodic follow-up with the SFWA Qualifying Markets for Short Fiction. This follow-up will include reaching out to each of the markets on the list every 1 – 2 years to confirm contact information, contract terms, pay rates, and other information.

This process will not replace the existing qualification process (currently conducted by the Board), but will allow the Short Fiction Committee to track ongoing changes among SFWA Qualifying Markets and the wider market. Our hope is that the information we collect will help both writers and markets better follow changing and developing standards.

As a first step, the Short Fiction Committee will be looking to establish contact information for each of the SFWA Qualifying Markets for Short Fiction. Any Qualifying Markets that wishes to provide contact information to the committee can do so by sending a name and email address to. This contact information will be used only for occasional communications from SFWA.

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