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Among many different presentations and performances, from readings to live concerts, from workshops to panels, one subject stood out.

When we began our quest to put this convention together, we sought to offer subjects that our Guest Stars would be interested in participating in.  Typically when you make yourself available to a convention for programming, you are presented with a list of potential subjects and/or an opportunity to make the convention aware of your areas if expertise and knowledge;  the programming staff then spends a lot of time juggling times, expertise, interests, etc., and then sends the individual back a draft schedule showing what panels they’ve been assigned to and with whom.

We didn’t have the luxury of that much time so we took a slightly different path:  lets ask the participants what they want to do.

Lots of great ideas were forthcoming – most of which have been incorporated into our programming – but one suggestion stood:  just about everyone wanted to be on a panel that addressed the concept and practice(s) of World Building, the fundamental skill for genre writers (artists too:  think about it.  How do you illustrate a story if you can’t wrap your head around at least some aspect of the fictional world the author has created?).

So many in fact that there were too many potential participants.

On the other hand, it was clear, not only from our participants but also from potential attendees, that the subject was a desirable and popular one.

So we did an Amazing thing (we do Amazing things regularly around here), broke the mold and scheduled not one, not two but THREE separate panels on the same subject.

This should insure that the largest number of convention members will be able to attend at least one and not miss out on this popular subject, but also provides a deep wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject.

The panels are titled World Building 101 – A, World Building 101 – B and World Building 101 – C and they will feature:

Amber Royer, Ira Nayman, Shirley Meier, Rebecca Partridge, Liz Trenholm; J.M. Frey, Bud Sparhawk, Kathy Kitts, G. Scott Huggins; and James Cambias, Paul Levinson, Rosemary Smith, Leslie Wicke.

Check out our full schedule here

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