Catherine Asaro Wants Kids To Like Math!

BioPagePictureCatherine Asaro is one of those rare and special kinds of people who seem to shine no matter what they turn their attention to.

She’s an award-winning author of science fiction, fantasy and thrillers, a singer-songwriter and dancer (who has graced many a convention with these talents), a member of the SIGMA group (spec fic people who advise the government), a scientists with a Doctorate in Chemical Physics and

an award-winning Math Team coach.

(You didn’t know there were such things as math competitions?  Then you obviously didn’t know that Catherine has coached students to top honors in both the USA Mathematical Olympiad and the USA Mathematical Talent Search.  Where have you been?)

Catherine is also, very obviously, one of those people who wants to pay things forward, and you can help her do that.

This past week she took 10 Maryland students to Birmingham, AL to compete in the Perennial Math Contest. One team took 1st, and the other took 3rd, and afterward they all visited the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

Now Catherine wants to do it again with a GoFundMe campaign to help raise travel expenses for the team.  It’s always fun to back a winner!

To learn more about this amazing person visit Catherine on her website and on Facebook.

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