Open Road Media Brings Bitterbynde Trilogy To US & Canada

Listen to Andre Norton: “not since Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings have I been so impressed by a beautifully spun fantasy.”

Open Road Media is please to announced that The Ill-Made Mute and the rest of the Bitterbynde Trilogy by Cecilia Dart-Thornton will be released as ebooks for the first time in the US and Canada on August 25, 2015.

With striking new covers, these ebooks will finally be available to longtime fans as well as readers of high fantasy who have yet to discover her work. Each book will available on its own, as well as in a 3-book bundle.

Here’s more about the books:

 Cecilia Dart-Thornton is the Australian author of bestselling fantasy novels, notably the Bitterbynde Trilogy. The Ill-Made Mute was listed on Amazon’s Best, Locus Magazine’s Best First Novels, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Top Twenty, and the Australian Publishers’ Association “Australia’s Favourite Read.”

Andre Norton, Grand Master of Science Fiction, said of The Ill-Made Mute, “not since Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings have I been so impressed by a beautifully spun fantasy.”

In The Ill-Made Mute, a nameless mute confined to a tower longs to escape. With no memories and little hope, the foundling sets out in search of a past, a name, and a destiny. With roots firmly embedded in the ancient folklore of the British Isles, The Ill-Made Mute introduces fantasy lovers to an unforgettable character and an epic high fantasy tale.

Visit Cecelia Dart-Thornton’s website or Open Road Media to learn more.

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