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Asni’s Art Blog: Chickens in Armour

Turns out there is a veritable sub-culture of Chickens in Armour.

Armoured chicken, by GoldenDragon52 on DeviantArt

I’ve been having so much fun with my rabbits Yin and Yang (whom I introduced in my last post), that I’ve decided to add some chickens to my family as well: meet Tao the laid back Chinese silkie, and Pivo the perky Polish pullet!


Tao the laid back Chinese silkie


Pivo the perky Polish pullet

Seeing that rabbits in space were such a riot, I was curious to find out what the chicken situation was. Turns out there is a veritable sub-culture of Chickens in Armour: a small but select selection of artwork, including two pieces by Croatian fantasy artist Milivoj Ceran, whom I have interviewed here on this blog earlier – and who may well have started off this whole chicken armour business with his inspired 2005 piece “Armoured Chicken of Doom”.


Chicken charmer, by Eoghan Kerrigan – eoghankerrigan on DeviantArt


The Gnome’s Ride, by Milivoj Ceran – © Wizards of the Coast.LLC


Armoured Bird, by cosmicpippa on DeviantArt


Robot Chicken – MoD PSC by Dangerskillz on DeviantArt


Armoured Chicken of Doom, by Milivoj Ceran

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