AMAZING THINGS: Amazing Stories to Host Short Story Contest

A teaser for our up-coming inaugural writing contest.


We’re not quite ready to make all of the formal announcements, so we’ll tease you all with this:

Very soon we’re going to announce a bi-annual writing contest here at Amazing Stories.

We’ll be paying 6 cents per word for the top three submissions and publishing the top ten here on site, as well as doing an anthology of each contests top entries.

The stories will be judged by three SFWA members – writers, editors and former rocket scientists among them.

We’ll offer up a theme for each contest.

Submissions will be open to the first 100 entries (or the passage of a month, whichever comes first).

We’ll be open to established Pros, Indies, Traditional, Hybrid and new-comers.

We’ll generally be looking for POSITIVE Science Fiction (yay!)

A formal announcement will be coming very soon.

Hint:  Get writin!

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