AMAZING NEWS: Author Matthew Mather is Getting Married: Send Him a Present!

darknet mediumIndie author Matthew Mather is getting married.  (Congrats, Matt!:  I told him to get that “obey” clause out of the vows so he doesn’t have to do anything his wife tells him to…)

Matthew is not at all shy about trying new things and this time he’s thought up a doozy.  Buy him a wedding gift.

But not just any old gift.  Usually its the guests handing over the checks – and you’ll be doing that this time too – but this trick gets you one of Matt’s books in return.  And all for 99 cents!

Here’s Matt:

Matthew Mather’s new bestselling science fiction novel, Darknet, is on sale today and the rest of this week for $0.99 on Amazon:
Released a month ago, Darknet has already sold thousands of copies and earned two hundred mostly five-star reviews on Amazon. Described as “Boiler Room meets Philip K. Dick”, this sci-fi thriller dives into a present-day Wall Street gangland of hedge funds, cryptocurrencies and autonomous corporations.
A few days after Darknet’s release, the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater, announced its own real-world artificial intelligence program, bringing Darknet from a novel of pure speculative fiction into something closer to reality.
About Matthew Mather:
Translated into sixteen languages, with 20th Century Fox developing his second novel, CyberStorm, for a major film release, Matthew Mather’s books are worldwide bestsellers. He began his career at the McGill Center for Intelligent Machines, going on to start high-tech ventures in everything from computational nanotechnology to electronic health records and weather prediction systems to genomics. He now works as a full-time author of speculative fiction.
Matthew Mather’s other books:
For media inquiries, contact Matthew Mather directly:
(514) 622-6625
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