Mars for Sale

MAVEN orbiting Mars.
MAVEN orbiting Mars. (Click for animation.)

This is your exclusive opportunity to invest in that vacation home you’ve always wanted on the second fastest growing planet in the galaxy. Agencies all across Earth have named Mars the number one destination spot. In the next two decades, the population is expected to grow more than one thousand percent, taking property values right along with it.

After a short ten month 400 million mile spaceflight, you could be enjoying your very own slice of Martian paradise. Just this week NASA and ISRO have enhanced the Martian infrastructure by placing satellites in orbit. The land rush is not far behind.

nasa-isro LogosNow is your chance to make the investment of a lifetime. The property being offered is part of a phase one development plan that offers unobstructed views across the painted dunes of Mars. Well-located with a majestic view of Arsia Mons Mosaic, you and your companions are only a thirty minute lander ride from the Sea of Sand in Juventae Chasm.

After a long day of exploring what many people are calling “The Grand Canyon of Mars”, you can enjoy the best sandboarding in the solar system in nothing but fresh powder as you make your way back to your traditional Martian residence.

Choose from three different floor plans when customizing your very own dream home. All of the options provide spacious rooms with a feeling of peace and serenity throughout. A well-appointed guest house will be located on an adjacent lot.

Mars for Sale
Mars for Sale

The attached garage is designed to hold up to five Mars rovers. A rooftop deck lends a touch of elegance as you lay back watching the sunset dance on the horizon. When night falls, you can watch the orbiting satellites race across the sky and listen the sound of the native rovers drilling in the soil.

The time is now for you to buy your piece of the future. Plots are selling fast. Don’t be left out. Act now. Bidding for this exclusive property is now open. Mars for sale.

Note: Water and oxygen not included.



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