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featured hugo awardsSteven H Silver posted the results of the WSFS Business Meeting here.

The post includes links to Kevin Standlee’s report, that also includes video of the meeting.

Of particular note:  NASFiC members will not be nominating Hugo Award works;  Kevin’s off-the-cuff analysis suggests that this rule was seen as a “power-grab” by North American fans to retain the North American flavor of the awards.

My suggestion?  Vet other Natcons and accord them all the same nominating rights.  (Yes, they will overbalance the one and only occasional North American “Natcon” (NASFiC), which only means two things:  US and Canadian fans should get together and create a “Natcon” and hold it only in years in which the NASFiC is not held AND, NASFiC/North American Natcon needs to work hard to make sure that it has tremendous attendance.)

Kansas CIty Wins 2016 Bid.  Will Host MidAmericon II!  (Official website)

The 2014 Hugo Awards Ceremony will be broadcast on Ustream starting at 8:00 PM British Summer Time, which just so happens to correspond to 3:00 PM EDST.  You can view the proceedings here.  (When this article posts, you will have four hours to get prepared and settled in…popcorn and a comfy chair are on the program.)

Will Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice take home science fiction’s quadruple crown?  Tune in and join thousands of breathless science fiction fans from across the globe to find out!



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