book cover frontFutures Past Editions has launched their Amazing Stories Classic Reprints line with the Amazing Stories GIANT 35th Anniversary edition reprint!

In their own words:

First-ever reprinting of this legendary double-length collection of the very best of Amazing Stories’ first three and a half decades. Features such classic tales as Eando Binder’s twice-televised “I, Robot”; Edgar Rice Burroughs’ immortal “John Carter and the Giant of Mars”; Philip Francis Nowlan’s first Buck Rogers story, “Armageddon: 2419 A.D.”; Edmond Hamilton’s haunting “Devolution”; Ray Bradbury’s groundbreaking “I, Rocket”; R. F. Starzl’s romantic “Out of the Sub-Universe” and more. Plus a very special memoir by Amazing Stories founder Hugo Gernsback on the events that led to the publication of the magazine’s first issue. Long considered a seminal anthology, this special reprint of Amazing Stories’ giant 35th Anniversary issue belongs on every fan’s bookshelf.

FPE licenses the right to use our name for their book imprint (but of course they’re not just some faceless licensee; two members of their team regularly contribute to Amazing Stories – JM Stine and M. Christian), they offer up their expertise and are fully on board for the Amazing Stories’ mission; given their overall enthusiasm, we couldn’t help but want to work with them!

adamAnd now they’ve gone and done a great thing! Brought a special issue of the magazine, with a special collection of stories and a special introduction by the man himself – Hugo Gernsback – back to life in a brand new edition, just as good and BETTER than the original. Seven great, timeless SF tales right out of the history books! Did you know that Isaac Asimov’s stories were not the first to use the title I, Robot? That honor goes to Eando Binder’s Adam Link tale (first in a series), a story that was produced for both television and radio (The Outer Limits! Watch it Here!); or how about Buck Rogers? His name has become synonymous with the science fiction genre and his origin story – the one the serials were based on – right here in this issue!  AND two other great names from the Golden Age of SF – Edmond ‘Star Smasher’ Hamilton and Edgar Rice ‘Barsoom’ Burroughs, along with Ray Bradbury(!)’s first true science fiction tale and two more greats from the Golden Age – Starzl & Keller!

The editors of Amazing Stories pulled out all the stops for this special edition, gathering together the best from within the pages of the world’s first science fiction magazine and creating a veritable pocket history of the genre.  If you’ve never read these stories, you can’t really call yourself a fan (unless you call yourself a fan who has never read these stories – which is correctable).

Bonus – purchasing a copy of this book helps move Amazing Stories towards its goal of returning to regular publication!  (That’s right:  if we can’t entice you with the contents, we will pull the charity string!)

Go and order your copy today!

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