Wonder Woman’s New Look – Hot or Not?

Wonder WomanAnother year, another San Diego Comic-Con…and another year I watched from across the pond via Twitter and online news sites. As always there were many reveals, but the one I was focusing on was Batman v Superman. Now another black and white picture of Batfleck didn’t excite me, the actual display of part of the costume (again not really giving anything away – but I hear that it may be because his costume isn’t completely black) didn’t excite me, then I heard about the Wonder Woman costume. I got excited, looked for the director Zack Snyder’s tweet and then I was disappointed.

Why does Wonder Woman have no colour in her costume. Is it because they felt one blue/red costumed hero was enough? Don’t get me wrong, the costume is impressive, I was just hoping for a little colour. What do you think of the costume? I still have no doubt that I will enjoy the film, but I’m not impressed with anything I’ve seen so far.


Image source: Twitter

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  1. If you’ll notice from the pictures of Superman, his color is muted as well, even if reds and blues are still discernible. I’m afraid they’re going dark and moody for the whole movie, and while that works for Batman, or 300 or Sin City that the director has previously done, I think it’s an awful decision for a Superman/Justice League project. I’m prepared to be proven wrong, but I expect the worst.

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