Tucker Hotel Expansion & Renovations Planned

Yesterday’s article by R. Graeme Cameron concerning fandom’s Tucker Hotel (legendary fan Bob Tucker proposed building a hotel just for fen and their Worldcons) included an illustration by fan artist Taral Wayne for the new and improved, 21st century improvements and additions to the old facility.

That illustration was in a state generally known as “not finished yet”.

Apparently Taral was inspired by the attention and sent along the complete image, an image that we now share with you below.

New Tucker Hotel

Please note that this new building is an addition to the original Tucker facility, portions of which you can see in the background.

Also of note are the numerous modernizing features and special highlights that tie the facility to fandom:  the First Fandom Fountain in the central plaza between the two main buildings, FANAC Hall, the pneumatic people mover, facilities for every (EVERY) form of telecommunications technology on the roof, the historical mural, True Fandom’s deliberately phallic tower and of course convenient parking for all of the aircars we’ll be using to visit.

Taral Wayne is an artist and fanzine publisher and you can find out more about him and his work on the Furafinity and Devianart websites, as well as read his fanzines (that have been featured here) on eFanzines.com

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