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JO PHAN’S READS: This Week in Fanzines

File 770's paper issues archive updated on the FANAC website.

Tucker Hotel Expansion & Renovations Planned

The plans are in for the long-awaited expansion of the world's greatest convention facility, the Tucker Hotel

Fandom May Be A Way of Life, But is it THE...

Receiving zines in the mail used to be almost an everyday thing for me back in “The Day,” but sadly, it’s an unusual occurrence these days.

A Fan’s History – Conventions (Part 2)

This blog is not a fan history, although I will cite some fan history. There are actual fanhistorians who guard our culture. If you...

E-Zines vs. Dead Tree Zines: the more things change…

I have been producing fanzines off and on since 1976, shortly after encountering science fiction fandom and this particular aspect of that hobby interest....