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FREAKS OF NATURE film review, plus POLAR BOREALIS—a new semiprozine!

This week, Steve reviews the 2015 Horror-humour film "Freaks of Nature" and finds it rather flat, then alerts the media (us!) about a new semi-pro Canadian SF/F e-magazine!

Heinlein’s YA Novels From Scribners and Other Things, continued

Heinlein's YA (Juvenile) work is still generating praise and controversy.

Tucker Hotel Expansion & Renovations Planned

The plans are in for the long-awaited expansion of the world's greatest convention facility, the Tucker Hotel

Everybody Loves A Diagram, or: The Tucker Hotel – A Classic...

Amazing Stories PSA: You can still mail bricks or straw to Bob Tucker - both rumor of his death were apparently hoaxes....

The Club House 12/6/13

Like godfather like godson: Terry Kemp emulates his mentor Rog Phillips and promotes his book - and reviews a number of fanzines along the way.

Whatever Happened To Egoboo?

There is no mention of egoboo in the first Fancyclopedia, written by Jack Speer, published in 1944.

Friday Fanzine – Broken Toys From Taral Wayne

Rotsler Award Winning Taral Wayne's Broken Toys.


The History of the Canadian Faned Awards

Fanzines—to LOC or not to LOC?

This essay on Letters of Comment is definitely not a WAHF

A Fan’s History — Fanzines, Continued….

Fanzines, continued: Okay, Mr. Smartypants, what’s a “sercon” zine? Actually, I’m glad you asked that question. It’s another of those annoying (well, to an...

A Fan’s History – Fanzines

Fanzines: What the heck is a ‘zine, anyhow? Well, ‘zine (usually abbreviated without the apostrophe) is short for fanzine, which should be self-explanatory. Unless...