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Attend Worldcon, get a free copy of Amazing Stories

The 1956 Worldcon Blues, or: My Mom Wouldn’t Let Me Go...

Do you collect Worldcon Program Books? I do, which is very odd, because I’ve never been to a Worldcon.

Tucker Hotel Expansion & Renovations Planned

The plans are in for the long-awaited expansion of the world's greatest convention facility, the Tucker Hotel

Friday Fanzine – Journey Planet 17

Journey Planet 17 reviews and celebrates the history of Worldcon and is probably one of the best fanzine issues to be published in 2013.

(Can’t Wait For Sunday News) Worldcon Business Meeting Motion

Worldcon, coming up at the end of August, regularly conducts the WSFS business meeting where, among other things, possible changes to the Hugo Awards...

The Clubhouse: Looking for fandom — ConFusion at 40, Part 4

Wherefore fandom? Fandom does not equal "the science fiction market." To be a fan it's not enough just to be a consumer of science fiction....