Friday Fanzine – Journey Planet 17

Journey Planet 17 reviews and celebrates the history of Worldcon and is probably one of the best fanzine issues to be published in 2013.

Today – an extraordinary treat:  the latest issue of the acclaimed Journey Planet (James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Colin Harris, multiple Hugo Award nominee) that focuses on – WORLDCON.

For those of you who have even the slightest curiosity about what it was like to be a fan at the very beginning of time (fannish time anyway); or may be interested in the evolution of one of fandom’s greatest accomplishments (the Worldcon), or even if you are just mildly curious about the evolution of the convention program book, James  Chris and Colin have put together a master work of fannishness (not to mention a truly elegant fanzine).

I don’t really need to say anything else by way of introduction.  This issue of Journey Planet is an excellent example – nay, a premiere example – of what a fanzine is and can be.

Now go get your fandom on!


As always, you can read this and a metric tonne of other excellent fanzines at

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