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A biting and arch comic take on life in the multiverse, from Jonathan Rosenberg. (The multiverse includes US, just in case you weren’t sure.)

scenes from a multivers

The episode of Scenes From A Multiverse that drew me in was titled Dick Dynasty.  I don’t really have to say much more than that.

Rosenberg is penning and illustrating political satire of the geeky variety (’bout time this kind of thing left the pages of fanzines for a wider audience).  And I just love the implied commentary from his set-up:  somewhere in the multiverse there may be a place as bizarre as the US in the the 21st century.  No matter how vanishingly small the probability, no matter how unlikely a reality it may appear from the outside.

Fills me with the horrors it does – to think that there are other places almost exactly like this….

Check out his other offerings.  Quite the commentary.

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