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For fans of classic space opera, one of the most iconic movie franchises ever produced in the genre is arguably that of the Star Wars saga. For those in need of more from their favorite source of fandom (for that is what fandom does to us – we want more), we often turn to other forms of media besides the film industry. We turn to books. We turn to merchandises and collectables. Ultimately, we turn to the broadest source of information at our fingertips – the internet. Not surprisingly, one of the most informative sites on the web pertaining to all that is Star Wars is the aptly named

Front Page of
Front Page of

First Impressions? The home page is a collage of various shaped and sized panes, each with a unique image, title and a brief synopsis of things you might find of interest. And yes, everything pertains to Star Wars. Even though it may seem a bit cluttered at first, the array of news, blogs, videos, reviews and trivia can quickly become pure euphoria for the loyal fan. is presented as a home for the fan community. There is a plethora of information and links to keep the most fevered fans entertained for hours (as well it should – with the backing of Lucasfilm LTD). Still, the site can be intimidating to newcomers.

Missing is an introduction or mission statement. I’d like to know what exactly this site is hoping to accomplish. You need to go back to your favorite search engine to find that the site description reads, “The official site for Star Wars, featuring the latest on Episode VII and The Clone Wars animated series, with regularly updated games, videos, and news.” This and additional information might be of importance to those interested signing up for their membership. Like, what’s included? How do I contact the editors or bloggers? What kind of content can I expect in the member’s newsletter?

One appealing aspect I did notice on the front page is a little banner draping over the upper right corner of a few of the post images. This little flag tells the reader that these blogs are special. One is labeled “just added.” Another banner reads “most shared.” With such an unsystematic compilation of the posts, it’s good to know what is popular or new to the site. But this is also a testimonial to the randomness through which these posts are presented.

The listed blog team consists of almost twenty talented contributors. Some of the categories they cover include Collecting, Creativity, Special Events, Pop Culture, Movies, Video Games, Books and Comics. But the blogging doesn’t stop there. Also included are some behind the scene videos and memorable clips from throughout the saga. Not to be self serving, fans are also introduced to many other sites across the interweb pertaining to their beloved Star Wars. provides a variety of things for fans of all ages. The first thing one sees just below the menu bar with the image of a character, accompanied by a classic quote from that character. Then there is a character of the week – complete with image, an interesting trivia post, “This Day in Star Wars,” and a list of “Recent Tweets” and a few links to other Star Wars related sources from “Around the Web.”

If you’re a fan of Star Wars looking for ANYTHING about the series, the franchise or the future happenings, this is a great place to start. It may not be an easy task when looking for something specific. This is why, perhaps, the most useful tool on the site is the “search” button. But with a little determination, you’re bound to stumble across something to satisfy your fandom palette.

As one of those Star Wars fans always looking for more, will I go back to Yes. Often.

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