La Estrella Solitaria LoneStarCon3 Daily Newsletter

Read LSC3’s Daily Newsletter – La Estrella Solitaria – and find out the latest happenings on Worldcon’s very own scandal sheet

LoneStarCon 3Here you can read the latest happenings at the 71st Worldcon – LoneStarCon3 – taking place this Labor Day Weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

It is a Worldcon tradition (and a fanzine tradition) for a Worldcon committee to publish a daily fanzine (in LSC3’s case one with two daily editions) that is made available to all attendees – usually distributed in hard copy at Registration and at various other distribution points around the convention facilities (more often than not on tables right outside the elevators) such as the Art Show, the Dealer’s (Huckster’s) Room & etc.

Amazing Stories obtained permission from the LSC3 Committee to reproduce La Estrella Solitaria here;  by doing so we hope that our readers will gain some small appreciation for how much fun everyone is having at Worldcon.


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