Starship Century

centuryToday we are offering multiple and multi-lingual reviews of the James and Gregory Benford anthology – STARSHIP CENTURY.

The Benfords put together an anthology that represents the proceedings of the Starship Century Symposium, a gathering of scientists and science fiction authors, organized for the purpose of examining the challenges and opportunities of humanity’s future in space.

The symposium, hosted by the  Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination @ UC San Diego, represents one of the finer examples of the uses to which science fiction can be put outside of its literary playground, a utilization of a fantastic resource (scientific knowledge combined with unfettered imagination) that could and should be regularly applied to many other aspects of our society.

The anthology itself also represents the practical uses to which science fiction, anchored by science, can also be put and firmly demonstrates science fictions roots in science.

By offering multiple reviews of this anthology, Amazing Stories hopes to provide our readers with multiple perspectives on what we believe is both an important contribution to and an excellent representation of the field.

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