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Today, in honor of the Perseid Meteor Shower and other cool celestial happenings (Comet Ison and lots of planets in the sky) – a selection of websites devoted to astronomy, astronomical objects and the viewing thereof:


Website for the magazine of the same name and a good place to start

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Just like it says.  Images are usually of deep space objects – some of the most beautiful imagery created by nature and only made accessible through science and technology

NASA/Hubble The Spiral Galaxy M74

Sky & Telescope

Another magazine gone web.  It includes useful viewing aids.

Astronomy Now

The UK’s publication.


A great site for introducing the wonders of the heavens.  (Good for adults too who don’t want to admit they don’t get it…yet)

National Optical Astronomy Observatory 

Kitt Peak Observatory


Hawaii based observatory

Bad Astronomy

A site devoted to correcting fictional errors in astronomy (all in fun)

Astronomical League

An organization of amateur astronomy organizations

JPL Astronomy Club

The Night Sky Network

Sky-Map Org

An interactive map of the night sky

Hubble Site

Imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Image of galaxy M100

Spitzer Site

Imagery from the Spitzer Space Telescope

Spitzer Image of star cluster NGC-1929

Space Telescope.org

The ESA’s work with the Hubble

Kepler Space Telescope

The search for exoplanets.


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  1. Sky-Map.org is my favorite! Astronomy always delighted me as a child. I would ask my mom every tiny curiosity I had, and bless her… She tried to answer my questions. If only anything like this was around in the 80s! ^,^

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