Review: Babel
R F Kuang’s Babel is an audacious and unrelenting look at colonialism, seen through the lens of an alternate 19th century Britain where translation is the key to magic. Kuang’s novel is as sharp and perceptive as it is

Review: A Star Named Vega
The social media of the 30th century doesn’t seem so different: teenagers anonymously perform acts of civil disobedience and vandalism to score points and raise their ranking in an internet app. That’s where Aster Vale leads a

Pixel Scroll 6/25/22 File The Pixels, Lest They Squeak Or Scroll
OKORAFOR’S LOVE FOR COMICS. It started when she was seven: “From Garfield to Black Panther: Nnedi Okorafor on the Power of Comics” at Literary Hub. My path to writing the big black cat started with a fat orange cat.

Pixel Scroll 6/24/22 Uptown Scroll
DOES THE GENRE HAVE A CORE? Charles Payseur, whose reviews of short sff fiction now appear in a column for Locus, questions what is the “core” of the genre in the context of noting that he doesn’t cover Clarkesworld,

Hugo Voting Threshold Reform Proposal
By Olav Rokne: Over the past several weeks, a group of fans has been working on a proposal to abolish WSFS constitution clause 3.12.2, which could result in a Hugo category getting no award even when that is not the

Salt Lake City Bids for 2024 Westercon
By Kevin Standlee: A Salt Lake City-based group has announced a write-in bid to host the 2024 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference (Westercon 76). If selected, they plan to host Westercon 76 at the Doubletree by Hilton SLC Airport over

Chris Claremont Returns To X-Men In Gambit #1
Starting on July 27, X-Men visionary Chris Claremont teams up with artist Sid Kotian for a five-part Gambit limited series. Claremont, the writer who defined the X-Men and crafted the franchise’s most influential stories, is back with a brand-new X-Men

Pixel Scroll 6/23/22 Last And First Scrolls
CHARLIE JANE ANDERS KEYNOTE OPENS EVERY DOOR. In “Children’s Institute 10: Charlie Jane Anders Says ‘Magical Portals Exist, and Adults Aren’t Real’”, Publishers Weekly has extensive details of the author’s talk. Science fiction author Charlie Jane Anders (Victories Greater

Pixel Scroll 6/22/22 Heigh-ho, The Battling Throg, The Frog Down In Valhalla, Oh
HOW WRITERS GET UNPAID. Quenby Olson shows how a returned book costs her money on Amazon. Thread starts here. Olson backed up the account with Vice’s article “TikTok Users Are Showing Readers How To Game Amazon’s Ebook Return Policy”.

LA Fans, Here’s Your Chance to See Somtow Sucharitkul’s Movie “Maestro”
Somtow Sucharitkul and Paul Spurrier’s film The Maestro: A Symphony of Terror is opening at the Laemmle Glendale on Friday. The first showing is at 10:15 p.m., with others scheduled over the course of the week at different times. The

Pixel Scroll 6/21/22 The Upside Down
[Thanks to John King Tarpinian, Chris Barkley, Andrew Porter, Daniel Dern, Cora Buhlert, Michael Toman, Cat Eldridge, Mike Kennedy, Martin Morse Wooster, and JJ for some of these stories. Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day

Review: Captain Wu: Starship Nameless #1
By Rogers Cadenhead: In a universe controlled by a central government indifferent to the needs of its inhabitants, a crew of interstellar vagabonds uses their jury-rigged spaceship to take whatever work they can get — legal or otherwise — barely

HWA Concludes There Was No Security Breach
The Horror Writers Association, after sending members an email scam alert today amid concerns that contact information might have been scraped from an official list, later announced “Our website team has looked into it and found that there was no

Pixel Scroll 6/20/22 It Takes A Whole Pixel To Raise A Scroll
WEBSLINGER ENTERS THE HALL. “Spider-Man To Be Celebrated As Comic-Con Museum Character Hall Of Fame Inductee” announces Marvel. The Comic-Con Museum will be honoring the world’s favorite web-slinging Super Hero, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, as the fourth inductee into its Museum

HWA Sends Members Email Scam Alert
The Horror Writers Association today published a “Warning: Email Scam Alert”: The HWA is aware members are being sent unsolicited emails from a company claiming they’ve selected people for a medical writing interview, or some variant. Of course, these did

2023 Westercon Site Announced
By Kevin Standlee: Westercon 75 will be held in Anaheim, California at the Clarion Hotel Anaheim Resort over the weekend of June 30-July 3, 2023. The convention’s Fantasy Writer Guest of Honor will be Gail Carriger, with additional guests to

Emails From Lake Woe-Is-Me — Fit the Thirty-Fifth
[Introduction: Melanie Stormm continues her humorous series of posts about the misdirected emails she’s been getting. Stormm is a multiracial writer who writes fiction, poetry, and audio theatre. Her novella, Last Poet of Wyrld’s End is available through Candlemark &

Blyly Hopes to Open Uncle Hugo’s New Building in July
Don Blyly told readers today in the June 19th edition of his How’s Business newsletter that the new home for Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s bookstores at 2716 E. 31st St. could open for business in July. Two years have passed since


2022 Colorado Book Awards
The winners have been announced. Awards are presented in 15 categories by Colorado Humanities to celebrate the accomplishments of Colorado’s outstanding authors, editors, illustrators, and photographers. Winners of genre interest include — SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY The Reincarnationist Papers by

2022 Locus Awards Winners
The Locus Awards winners were announced June 25 during the virtual Locus Awards Weekend. SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL A Desolation Called Peace, Arkady Martine (Tor; Tor UK) FANTASY NOVEL Jade Legacy, Fonda Lee (Orbit US; Orbit UK) HORROR NOVEL My Heart Is

Bob Bolling, Don Rico to Receive 2022 Bill Finger Award
Bob Bolling and Don Rico have been selected to receive the 2022 Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing. The selection, made by a blue-ribbon committee chaired by writer/historian Mark Evanier, was announced June 16. “We’re excited to be

2022 Manning Award Nominees
Comic-Con International has announced the 2022 nominees for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award. The Manning Award is presented to a comics artist who, early in his or her career, shows a superior knowledge and ability in the art of creating

Hammett and Ngaio Marsh Crime Fiction Awards News
DASHIELL HAMMETT AWARD The winner of the 2021 Dashiell Hammett Award for Literary Excellence in Crime Writing was named by the International Association of Crime Writers (North American Branch) on June 17. The award is given to a book, originally published in

2021 Analog Analytical Laboratory Awards Results
Analog Magazine has announced The 2021 Analytical Laboratory Awards. The editor’s commentary on the stories, poems, and covers is at the link. Here’s how the AnLab works: In each category, the readers listed three favorite items in descending order of preference. As

2021 Ladies of Horror Fiction Award Nominees
The Ladies of Horror Fiction review site team has announced the nominees for their 2021 Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards. There is a writeup about the nominees in every category at the link. LOHF Award Nominees for Best Young Adult The Dead

Ignotus Awards 2022 Finalists
The finalists for the Premio Ignotus 2022 (2022 Ignotus Awards) have been announced by Spain’s Asociación Española de Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción y Terror. They include works in Spanish translation — Novels by Tamsyn Muir, Jo Walton, Neon Yang, Susanna Clarke, and Nicholas


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