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GoodReads Book Giveaways
BloodCousins Movie Now In Streaming Release
Confluence Returns
Kevin J Anderson News & Notes
Clarion West: New Website, Appearance At ECCC
Night Shade Latest Releases
Detcon1 Rate Increase


Calls For Positive Future Depicted in SF
Changing the Way We Look At Women (Gallery) (I use my eyes but I don’t think that’s what they are referring to….)
On Space Women
On Fighting Women
Hope For STEM For Women: 2.5 Year Old Delilah Gushes Over COSMOS (video)
Ellen Klages – Nebula Toastmaster


Toni Weiskopf (Baen) On Fandom and Divides : Book Smugglers on Weiskopf : League Of Extraordinary Writers on Weiskopf : Gwenda Bond On Weiskopf : Scalzi on Weiskopf : Starship Reckless On Weiskopf

Hines On Manufactured Outrage
Scalzi To Worldcon:  Change Your Announcement Dates
SFWA Sexism Issue Won’t Go Away


Artwork For Duncan Long’s Novel Lesser Gods
LA Review Of Books Takes On Five Spinrad Novels (So Should You)
Kurt Vonnegut Reads From Slaughterhouse Five (Audio)
Star Wars Characters Dance, Dance, Dance (video)
Fred Pohl’s GATEWAY To Be Adapted For TV (Prepare for Hokey Spectacle, Its been optioned by de Laurentis)
Tales To Terrify:  New Show (…and Duncan Long Art)

Beetlejuice & Dark Shadows Writer Tapped For Bradbury Re-Do
Angry Nerd Veronica Mars – WRONG!
Harvard Classics Collection Now Online (and free)
SYFY Plans More Space Opera, Less Sharknado (Channel Wants to be More Sfnal – good freakin luck!)


Fred D. Bammer, Member Of First Fandom, Dead At 88
Photos From Larry Tucker’s Memorial
Steamcon Cancelled
Can of Worms: What Can Replace Star Trek?
Captain Video Is Dead (Now You KNOW the Era Has Passed)
Another APA Going Down?


Compton Crook Award Nominees (Daniel M. Kimmel, a contributor here, is up for Shhh, It’s A Secret)
The Retro Hugos  (I Want Future Hugos:  Nominate Works That Will Win 25, 50, 75 and 100 Years From Now)
Make Recommendations For the Chesley Awards


SF & F Art Contest
Review Bullying: A Response To Ann Rice
Authors Need To Evolve…or Die
A Class System For Writers?


Lets Send Dryer Sheets To Mars:  Flat, fluttery landers
Saturn’s Children:  NASA Photo Gallery
James Webb Space Telescope (Can’t Wait!)
NASA One Ups COSMOS CGI With the Real Deal (gallery)
3D Map Of the Universe Is so Awesome, You Don’t Even Have To Click the Link To Watch It

What Goes In MUST Come Out:  Black Hole Paradox
Bagpipe Music Intrigues Beluga Whales (Really Cool) (Video)
Now It’s Almost Possible To Genegineer A Wooly Mammoth


Dear Authors & Readers,

If you celebrate the holiday, I hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow! May it be a lucky holiday for you!

Speaking of luck, Goodreads has a wonderful section called “Giveaways” that offers readers a chance to win free books from authors! More than 2,500 titles are listed in this section, and just about every genre is represented. Here is the Giveaways link:

I’ve participated in these free book contests for years now (my book is currently listed there at this link:…), and I have nothing but positive things to say about how it is run.

If you enter a contest (who doesn’t like free books?), I hope your name is selected!

Best of luck,

-Vincent Lowry



The award winning comedy troupe and band of filmmakers, Comedia A Go-Go, are proud to announce the online distribution of their first feature movie, Blood Cousins. After select theatrical and film festival screenings filled with laughs and gasps, Comedia A Go-Go is excited to expand their audience for their comedic horror/revenge film. Blood Cousins is now available for instant streaming and HD downloads at

We hope you and your team would consider viewing our work for potential coverage and/or review at your convenience. Included in this email is access to our online screener of the movie, web links, stills and basic information. Feel free to contact me with any questions or additional material.
Thank you very much,

Jess Castro
Producer, Comedia A Go-Go


On the anniversary of their grandmother’s death, four cousins, as close as brothers, reconnect on a road trip to the Texas Rio Grande Valley to pay respects to the woman who helped raise them. Hidden beneath their friendship, the truth of their childhood surfaces to reveal a darkness in the family that won’t stop until the cousin’s lives are changed forever.
Blending comedy, Mexican folklore and terror, Blood Cousins puts a new spin on revenge films and defines the word,’retribution’.

Comedia A Go-Go got their start doing live and video sketch comedy, and after years of award winning short projects, they have finally ventured into feature films with Blood Cousins. Developed by key CAGG members Regan Arevalos, Jess Castro and Larry Garza and co-produced by cinematographer, Brent W. Graham, Blood Cousins serves as the team’s deranged love letter to their hometown of San Antonio and South Texas – all while blending comedy, drama and horror.


Cine Las Americas (Austin)

San Antonio Film Festival
South Texas Underground Film Festival (Corpus Christi)
Time: March 16, 2014 at 1:08 am
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:
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Confluence is returning to Mars (PA) at the Four Points by Sheraton, Pittsburgh North.
It’s a small con, combining varied program and loads of filk, held just 20 miles north of Pittsburgh.
In addition to Bill and Scott, Pete Grubbs is our Featured Filk Guest Emeritus and Moss Bliss is
our Special Filk Guest (sponsored by the Pittsburgh Filk Underwriters).  We’ll be announcing
panelists at our Website shortly.
We’ve also revived the Short Story Contest –
Submissions close on April 30, 2014.
For more information, visit our Website or download
the latest flyer:
Hi ,

Mentats of Dune on Sale Now!You’d think it would be old hat by now, but Brian Herbert and I still get excited with the release of each new book. Mentats of Dune—our thirteenth Dune novel—goes on sale today at your favorite booksellers in the US and UK. It’s been two years sinceSisterhood of DuneMentats picks up the story of the formation of the great schools (the Mentats, Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, Navigators, and Swordmasters), the formation of the Imperium, and humanity’s struggles against extremists who want to send civilization plummeting back to the dark ages.

Brian and I usually go on a traditional book-signing tour for our new Dune novels, but this time we’re launching Mentats of Dune at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle (March 28–30), a pop culture expo expecting over 80,000 attendees. We’ll both be there signing autographs and meeting fans all weekend. Stop by to see us at our table.

At Emerald City, I’ll also be debuting the first issue of the marvelous BOOM! Studios graphic novel adaptation of my steampunk fantasy Clockwork Angels (based on the concept album by rock legends Rush). It’ll be six issues, scripted by me working with Neil Peart, art by Nick Robles.

To spread the word about Mentats of Dune and Clockwork Angels—not to mention several other novel releases—I’ll be appearing at a lot of large pop culture shows between now and September. We’ll be adding more, but here are some of the places you can find me

  • FanEx in Salt Lake City (April)
  • Dallas Comic Con (May)
  • ComicPalooza in Houston (May)
  • RushCon in Toronto (August)
  • Dragon*Con in Atlanta (Labor Day weekend, September)
  • Salt Lake City Comic Con (September)

We’ll have a big table in the dealer’s room at each show, so come and see us.

Finally, if you’re looking for a bargain, or to discover new authors, buy yourself the Truly Epic Fantasy Bundle, featuring

Clockwork Angels: The Novel by Kevin J. Anderson & Neil Peart
plus books by Neil Gaiman  •  Brandon Sanderson  •  Tracy Hickman  •  Kristine Kathryn Rusch
David Farland  •  Peter David  •  James Artimus Owen  •  Peter J. Wacks & Mark Ryan

Name your own price at and get a batch of books for as little as $3 (worldwide). The special only runs ~2 more weeks, so grab your bundle now.

Until next time, keep reading!


P.S. Brian and I just finished and delivered Hellhole Inferno, the grand finale of the Hellhole trilogy, and soon we’ll brainstorm our next Dune book, Navigators of Dune. Hope you’re getting started on Mentats.

Follow me on Facebook or on Twitter (@TheKJA)


Clarion West at ECCC: How You Can Help

Clarion West is going to be at Emerald City Comicon, March 28-30, and we need your help! We want to showcase the many and varied talents of Clarion West graduates at our table.

If you are an alumnus, we would love to feature promotional materials for your books, podcasts, or stories at the Clarion West table. Please contact Tod McCoy at if you would like to donate promo materials (postcards, bookmarks, and the like). You can send them to us in the mail, or we can arrange a drop off time and location for those in or near Seattle.

If you are coming to ECCC, stop by and say hello!

Clarion West has a new Website!

The staff and volunteers of Clarion West have been working hard to bring you a new site with a revamped look and organization that will make it easier to find information about Clarion West’s mission, workshops, events, and fundraising.

Visit Clarion West’s site today and see what’s new!

Clarion West   Find us on Facebook   Find us on Twitter



12th of March 2014


As we prepare to put away our winter attire and bring out the spring gear… it is time to start thinking of your new favorite spring and summer reading places! Unless you’re old school, sticking to the nearest coffee shop will never go out of style. Enjoy!Night Shade Books



Q. How would you say your past has molded your writing today?A.  The past, or my past? Both are big influence.Although I wrote (and abandoned) novels from the age of ten or so, I had trouble finding my own voice. I had a good ear and was a decent mimic. I could fake it. But it didn’t feel real. Although I never stopped writing, I figured I’d never be a professional writer.So I worked at other jobs, mostly banging about museums and historic houses. Then I lucked into a bizarre job for which I was uniquely suited: an adoption reunion intermediary, a rare mix of detective and therapist. I was involved in hundreds of reconnections between people separated through adoption—I had a front row seat to all kinds of joy and pain and loss. That, plus my own experience as an adoptee became my place of power, a place from which the writing started to flow. All my stories seem to be about characters reconciling themselves with their histories. I like that Faulkner quote: The past is never dead. It’s not even past.Q. What can readers expect from your new title Dead Roads?

A.  Ghosts, wounded heroes. Fiddlers and rail riders. Love. There’s a dog. Two dogs, actually. A horrific devil, and what might be an angel. It’s a story about a classic loner who has to bring his shattered family back together while confronting all the ghosts and demons from his fractured past.

Read more


As you know the greatest compliment that you can give your favorite author is a review.For this month’s contest we want to give you the opportunity to give back to your favorite Night Shade author. Select any Night Shade title of your choice and tell us your thoughts.The winner with the most influential review will receive a $25 American Express gift card, in addition to being featured on our blog.Requirements:- Must be a Night Shade title

– Must be a newly written review (not previously published)

– Review must be a minimum 250 words

– All contest applicants must reside in the US to be eligible to win the reward.

Reviews will be due on Monday, March 31st. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 9th.

Good luck!

Misere is a tale of hope and redemption, of love and of faith. But it is not a tale involving pretty flowers …read the full reviewMiserere is now on sale for $2.99







It is my privilege to announce that this year will be Night Shade’s biggest. We are acquiring both front list and back list titles, as well as new Anthologies. Our marketing efforts continue to thrive with three Amazon Kindle Deals of the Day in the month of January. Our best has yet to come!I would like to thank our authors, agents and faithful readers who have come to us requesting for their books/ favorite books to be part of our on going promotions. It says a lot for our ability to market eBooks. Note that this is just the beginning!Jarred Weisfeld





March 12, 2013

Detcon1 Announces Rate Increase Effective April 1, 2014

Detroit, MI – Detcon1, the 2014 North American Science Fiction
Convention, announces that some pre-registration rates will go up on
April 1, 2014.

As of April 1, 2014, full adult attending membership prices will go up
by $5, from $65 to $70 for a weekend membership. To encourage
attendance by families and younger fans, young adult and child
membership prices will remain at $50 and $25 respectively. Supporting
memberships remain unchanged at $35. Online registration and a
printable form is available at

Pre-supporter discounts remain in effect for pre-registrations but
will not be given for memberships purchased at-the-door. Persons who
pre-supported at the Passenger level qualify for a $20 discount, while
those who pre-supported at the Driver level qualify for a $40
discount. A list of pre-supporting members can be found at



Direct press queries or requests to be removed from the Detcon 1 Press
Release Mailing List should be sent to

Inquiries regarding the convention can be directed to Detcon1 Chair,
Tammy Coxen, or 734-276-3215.


Detcon1 is being held July 17 through 20, 2014, at the Renaissance
Center Marriott in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

The North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC), is held in
years when the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is held
outside of North America.  Worldcon, an international gathering of the
science fiction and fantasy community, is being held in London,
England in August 2014.

Memberships for Detcon1 can be purchased at

For more details on Detcon1, visit

“World Science Fiction Society,” “WSFS,” “World Science Fiction
Convention,” “Worldcon,” “NASFiC,” “Hugo Award,” the Hugo Award Logo,
and the distinctive design of the Hugo Award Trophy Rocket are service
marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary

This is a moderated, announce-only list for news about volunteer-run
genre conventions.  See for more information.


To ensure you continue to receive email from Del Rey Suvudu
please add to your address book.
If you have difficulty viewing this email, click here.

MARCH 2014

Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves From the Desk of James S. A. CoreyDear Readers,We were in second or third grade when Star Wars came out. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Leia, Han, Chewbacca. Obi Wan. “Use the Force.” That’s the kind of building block we had when we were building our imaginations. They weren’t alone. Asterix the Gaul and the crew of the Enterprise and everything out of the Toho monster movies were there too. The Micronauts. Remember them? We do.Every generation creates its own mythos, its own characters. Some persist decade after decade after decade. Sherlock Holmes, for instance. Some rise for a time, and fall away. No one much remembers Raffles, the gentleman burglar who was popular about the same time as Holmes. No one can really know how long the run out on Star Wars will be, but we can say it hasn’t slowed down yet. The characters of Star Wars have been part of our mythos for coming up on four decades now, and there are kids walking down the street to their second and third grade classes with Darth Vader still on their t-shirts and lunch boxes.When we got the chance to write a novel in that place—that weird almost-sacred corner of our collective childhood between eight years old and ten, when Han and Luke had destroyed the Death Star, and we all assumed Leia was going to wind up with Luke, and no one knew what had happened to Darth Vader—it was both wonderful and deeply, deeply weird.Click here for the rest of James S.A. Corey’s letter!
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Each week we’re giving away the first 50 pages of an awesome Del Rey or Spectra book — for FREE! Check out the titles we premiered last month:
by Kevin Hearne
Click here to read »
Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves
by James S.A. Corey
Click here to read »
Hammer of Angels
by G.T. Almasi
Click here to read »
Assassin's Apprentice
by Robin Hobb
Click here to read »
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Star Wars: Honor
Among Thieves 

by James S.A. Corey

Click here for more information on new Del Rey Spectra and Lucas Books titles coming this month!

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COVER REVEAL FOR GOLDEN SONGolden Son is the highly anticipated sequel to Pierce Brown’s Red Rising. It continues the story of Darrow—a rebel fighting against the ruling class after they took everything from him—as he insinuates himself amongst the Golds in order to take them down from within.The cover was revealed on EW, along with a short interview with Pierce. Click here to check out both!
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CAGE MATCHSuvudu Cage Match is back! This year’s theme is Page vs. Screen, and we’ve got some great contenders. Check out the line-up here, fill out a copy of the bracket, and get ready to vote on some epic battles!
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