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Wednesday, June 5th, will see the debut of Hunter Liguore’s Travels of Danger in the Yucatan: A Mayan Time Travel Odyssey. It’s a return to the scientific romance of the Arthur Conan Doyle, H. Rider Haggard, Victorian-esque lost world tale! Hunter has captured the feel and style and moves the adventure along at breakneck speed. Don’t Miss It!

pdrwho3_1215574cThe big news from this past weekend is that at the end of the current season of Dr. Who, a new actor will be taking on the role.

Speculation is rife;  the show has achieved international attention and numerous mainstream outlets are running the the announcement and speculations of who will fill the role.

BBC News – announcement and speculation

Huffington Post


The Guardian

and, which is the only outlet we’ve seen so far that is suggesting that a woman be given the role – a suggestion that I approve.

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