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A photo of the Andromeda galaxy has won a top astrophotography prize…and it IS stunninig

Always nice to see our public servants giving a hand up to their fellow roboticized workers

Mandela Effect remains unexplained (well yeah, as long as you’re willing to ignore multiple universes!)

Google’s Bard expanded

Presenter quits after being told he can’t mention Finger’s gay son during Batman presentation

Somtow’s film The Maestro wins awards for best score and best feature

GRRM and others join Authors Guild suit against OpenAI

Stars sign open letter protesting book bans

The copyright office has gotten AI art all wrong

Astronomicon shares its program book cover

QAnon’s JFK Obsession

Neil dG-T discusses the Mexican “alien” mummies

Antisemitism is growing on  college campuses (a result of the debased BDS movement)

Ancient fish head might be missing link

Rich “Preppers” think going underground can save them

The Outer Limits celebrates 60 years.

Paul Di Filippo has two new reviews


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