Calling All Space Cadets!

Ever wanted to travel to outer space? Now’s your chance… for real. Lynx Apollo antiperspirant have launched a competition to win a trip flying 103km up into space.

How do you do it? First, potential candidates sign up on the competition website and write a profile explaining why they should get a seat on board. Then they need to canvass support from the public, with the most popular candidates getting through to the next stage.

Once they’ve proved they have the desire by moving heaven, earth and cyberspace in their favour, candidates then travel to a secret location. There they must perform a series of physical and mental challenges to prove that they are fit for the flight. This probably involves more than printing off your boarding card and managing to fit all your worldly possessions into your hand luggage.

Finally, the lucky few will be sent to a Space Camp in Florida, but this trip to Orlando will be far from a trip to Disney World. The final entrants will travel in an L-39 Mark II Albatross jet plane, experience weightlessness, and get the chance to vomit their guts up on the G-Force Centrifuge, just like in the movies. You’ll probably need some antiperspirant after that.

If you fancy it, there’s still time to sign up on the website for anyone aged 18 or over:


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