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Are you a Fan?  Of course you are, you’re here!   Why not demonstrate your fannishness and take a crack at nominating for the annual Fan Activity Awards?  It’s FREE and its FUN!

The Fan Activity Achievement (n) Awards were originally given out in the 1970s for Fanzine and related Fannish activities that the fan community felt had contributed significantly to Fandom.  They were revived in the 1990s and have been handed out at the annual Fanzine convention – Corflu (which is fan-speak for Correction Fluid, something a lot of you kids have probably never heard of, let alone seen).

Unlike the Nebulas which require membership in SFWA to nominate and vote for, and unlike the Hugos, which require membership in the World Science Fiction Society to nominate and vote for (and lest you get the wrong impression, I highly recommend aspiring to membership in the former and strongly recommend joining the latter), the FAAN Awards do not require membership in anything of the would-be voter other than sending in a simple email form with your nominations.

This year, there are several categories seeking your nominations:

Four Fanzine related awards, one for Best Genzine (General fanzine) and one for Personalzine (a ‘zine written by a single individual), one for Best Single Issue of a fanzine and one – the Harry Warner Jr. Award for best letter hack.  (No, that doesn’t mean a hacker breaking into people’s mail.  Get with the program folks.  Before there were computer hackers, there were Letter Hacks, fannish boys and girls who wrote kindly letters of support and encouragement to the editors of fanzines.  I’m pulling your leg a bit there, but you’ll need to delve into some fanzine history to find out how and where…)

A writing award for Best Fan Writer

An Art award for Best Fan Artist, another for artist and layout people in the Best Fanzine Cover category and, finally, in acknowledgement of the fact that things have moved a bit beyond the Gestetner, an award for Best Website.

There’s a copy of the ballot below.  Why not engage in a little of your own Fan Activity and send in a ballot.  (If you are looking for fanzines to nominate, there’s no better place than

2013 Fan Activity Achievement (FAAn) Awards

The 2013 Fan Activity Achievement Awards honor the best in fan writing, drawing, publishing and posting for the calendar year 2012. They are voted upon by the fanzine fans of the world and announced annually at the Corfl u Banquet.

Andy Hooper is the Administrator of this year’s Fan Activity Achievement Awards. He will tally votes and compile the results.


1. Only one ballot per person.

2. You don’t have to vote in every category, or even every
space in every category.

3. A first place votes is worth 5 points, a second place vote
is worth 3 points, and a third place vote is worth
1 point.  The highest point total after all ballots are
counted is the winner in each category.

4. Anyone interested in science fiction fanzines is eligible
to vote.

5. Votes must be received by the Administrator by the
stated deadlines.

Vote by snail mail: Photocopies or equivalent ballots may be sent to: Andrew Hooper, 11032 30th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98125. Mailed votes must reach Andy by April 6, 2013.

Vote by email: Send your choices to fanmailaph@ No email votes will be accepted after midnight PST on April 6, 2013.

Category Definitions:

A Genzine (General Interest Fanzine) is any fanzine with a significant amount of material by authors other than the editor, or with a multiplicity of editors.

A Personal Fanzine is any fanzine in which the editor produces all or nearly all its content.

Fan Writing is presented in a fannish context, e.g. fanzines, apas, fannish blogs, fan websites and social media.

Fan Art is likewise presented in a fannish context, in fanzines and other forms of publication created by science fiction fans, in any media.


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