Amazing Stories to Publish David Gerrold Comic Script: Star Trek & Dr. Who Fans Might Collide with a Bang! Theoretically of Course

Ok, I’ll say it, if only to keep up with the current trend on the site:  The Experimenter Publishing Company is pleased to bring you an Amazing First!

Our first piece of new fiction, and a graphic story to boot!  But wait, it gets even better!

Several weeks ago David Gerrold (yes, the Tribbles guy*) announced on Facebook that he’d written a comic book script that had become orphaned through no fault of its own.  Amazing Stories jumped on this potential opportunity and obtained a copy of the script for review.

Unbelievably hilarious.  Totally nerdy.

From the opening panel to the very last David Gerrold has spun a tale of historic, inside jokiness and has extended that joke to encompass contemporary fare.

Arrangements were made for Amazing Stories to publish the story and, in conjunction with David’s DG Publishing imprint, produce a limited dead-tree edition.

Several comic artists were approached for the honor and Troy Boyle has been given the go-ahead.  Troy has already begun preliminary character sketches and page layouts.

Amazing Stories will be publishing a few teaser excerpts from the script, as well as some of Troy’s preliminary artwork here over the next few weeks.

What is it about?  Let’s just say that Star Trek fans and Dr. Who fans (or should that be Dr. Who fans and Star Trek fans?) are going to have something to talk about for at least the next century.  And yes, there are Tribbles in there too.  Soft Tribbles.  Warm Tribbles.  Tribbles no one would want to Exterminate.

This Fannish Friday we will be releasing a few of Troy’s illustrations and a few scenes from David’s script, so mark it on your calendars and don’t miss a single reveal as we all work our way towards publication!

The script will appear here exclusively on Amazing Stories and will also be made available in a limited print edition that will be available from the Experimenter Publishing Company and DG Publishing.

boyle teaser 1
Images Copyright Troy Boyle, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

That’s your first clue:  who are those guys and what are they doing in a graphic story together?

*David is we known for many other things besides his The Trouble with Tribbles Star Trek episode.   His award winning novelette The Martian Child (Hugo, Nebula, Ted Sturgeon, Locus and HOMeR) was turned into a movie in 2007; he has several popular series including The War Against the Chtorr and Star Wolf; an earlier novel written with Larry Niven – The Flying Sorcerers – remains one of Science Fiction literature’s best inside jokes.

Troy Boyle is an American comic book artist and writer. Boyle is best known for his gritty revenge fantasy, The Return of Happy the Clown, written by Gary Francis. He has worked for Image Comics, Desperado Publishing, Caliber Press and Boneyard Press.  Troy is currently working on pin-ups and covers for Main Enterprises.

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