Amazing Stories Featured in Concord Monitor’s A&E Section

On Tuesday Steve Davidson, the publisher of Amazing Stories,  was interviewed by Sarah Earle for a feature in the Concord Monitor, one of New Hampshire’s leading daily newspapers.

Davidson and others involved with the project to bring Amazing Stories – the world’s first science fiction magazine – back into regular publication have been seeking mainstream press exposure as a way to reach a wider audience. “We’re living in a science fiction world”, said Davidson, “I think everyone ought to be paying more attention to it and giving the literature that has literally inspired the world we live in today just a tad more respect than it currently receives.”

The Concord Monitor apparently doesn’t disagree; the paper featured the article on its front page and the front page of its Arts & Entertainment section. The paper included a huge nearly full-page reproduction of Frank R. Paul’s original April 1926 cover; Frank Wu’s new homage cover was given about a third of a page and the article even mentioned David Gerrold and Troy Boyle’s upcoming A Doctor for the Enterprise comic.

Fitting in nicely on the front page is an article about a tycoon’s plan to slingshot a couple around Mars – a perfect demonstration of SF’s influence on the real world.

Below are images of today’s Concord Monitor coverage of Amazing Stories. The article may be readable online as well (the Concord Monitor maintains some material behind a partial pay-wall) here.

amazing concordmonitor front page
Concord Monitor front page 2/28/13


amazing stories concord monitor A&E front page
Concord Monitor A&E Front page, 2/28/13
amazing stories concord monitor A&E interior page
Concord Monitor A&E section interior, 2/28/13

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