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2017 Hugo Award Winners
The winners of the 2017 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer were announced by Worldcon 75 on August 11. Best Novel The Obelisk Gate, by N. K. Jemisin (Orbit Books) Best Novella Every Heart a Doorway, … Continue reading →

Sci-Fi Video Roundup for August 13
Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Star Trek production insider Marc Scott Zicree provides background on a Sulu episode-series miss-hit-miss efforts. “World Enough and Time” went on to be nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula. (2) James Doohan’s son Chris … Continue reading →

Worldcon 75 In Memoriam List
Compiled by Steven H Silver: Here is the In Memoriam list shown during the Worldcon 75 Hugo Ceremony. Since the livestream didn’t work, most people haven’t seen it yet. The list covers the August 1, 2016-July 31, 2017 period. Scott … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/12/17 Of Shoes, And Scrolls, And Sealing Wax, And Pixelated Kings
PAST WORLDCON CHAIRS PHOTO. In the video, they all state their names and the cons they chaired. The photo session starts to shape up at about the 35-minute mark. Here’s the final result: Past #Worldcon Chairs (those present at … Continue reading →

Worldcon 75 Masquerade Winners
The Worldcon 75 Masquerade award winners were announced in a series of tweets, which is the source of the following text. The Masquerade was co-directed by Debi Chowdhury and Christine Doyle. Masquerade photographer was Lincoln Peters. The Best in Show … Continue reading →

Worldcon 75 Photo Gallery by Daniel Dern
Your photographer, Daniel Dern KGB Museum in Tallinn, Estonia – a pre-convention stop Booksigning NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren Booksigning, NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren Booksigning: Pat Cadigan Booksigning: Charles Stross Booksigning: Johanna Sinisalo Booksigning: Liu Cixin Hall costumes GoH session: Nalo … Continue reading →

It’s Official: 77th Worldcon Will Be in Dublin
For the first time in history of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) the convention will take place in Dublin, Ireland. Today, Dublin was confirmed as the 2019 location by site selection voters at Worldcon 75 in Helsinki. Worldcon 75 reports … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/11/17 “Scrollpathy for the Pixel” By The Scrolling Stones
RECORD LONGEVITY. Who knew? #TheHugoAwards are “officially amazing”! Receiving the Guinness Book of World Records certificate. #Worldcon75 — Worldcon 75 (@worldcon75) August 11, 2017 Or as Paul Mackintosh says at Teleread: “Hugo Awards get their own award – … Continue reading →

Third Day of Worldcon 75
BEGINNINGS I’m “Strolling with the Stars” at 9am, starting in the Messukeskus courtyard. #Worldcon75 — Lawrence M. Schoen (@klingonguy) August 11, 2017 Impromptu dance party with @shaunduke and @PrinceJvstin #Worldcon75 — Internet Dragon-Cat (@ZaliaChimera) August 11, 2017 MADE THE … Continue reading →

2017 Tähtifantasia Award
The 2017 Tähtifantasia Award, given for the best translated fantasy book published in Finnish during the previous year, was presented at Worldcon 75 on August 10. The winner is: Kazuo Ishiguro: Haudattu jättiläinen [The Buried Giant] (Tammi, suom. Helene Bützov) … Continue reading →

2017 Hugo Base
The 2017 Hugo base was designed by Finnish artist Eeva Jokinen. Photo by Michael Lee.… Continue reading →

Livestream Hugo Ceremony on YouTube
Catch it here — at 19:30 EEST time (9:30 PDT). The Hugo Awards Ceremony is the absolutely unmissable event at Worldcon 75! Come join Toastmistress Karen Lord and presenters from around the world to be the first to hear who … Continue reading →

YA Award Passes
The proposed YA Award (unnamed) passed 65-27 at the Worldcon 75 business meeting on August 11. A motion to name the YA Award the “Lodestar” also passed, subject to ratification next year. However, there was also a ruling that the … Continue reading →

Filer Meetup at Belge Bar & Bistro
Courtesy of Eric Wong, here are photos of Thursday’s File 770 meetup at Belge Bar & Bistro in Helsinki. (The last shot is from the place’s own website.) Identifications to come, hopefully. Update: Hampus Eckerman identified the Filers in the … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/10/17 Trailing Clouds Of Pixels Do We Come From Scrolls Which Are Our Home
STILES MEDICAL UPDATE. Steve Stiles had cancer surgery. His wife, Elaine, had good news for Facebook readers: Thanks to everyone who expressed concern & well wishes. Steve came thru the op fine tho minus most of his right lung … Continue reading →

Second Day of Worldcon 75
BARBARIANS AT THE GATES Se la fantascienza è morta, allora questi sono i miei zombie preferiti #Worldcon75 — Francesco Verso (@Francesco_Verso) August 10, 2017 OVERCROWDING JJ sent a link with this comment: Lots of complaints on Twitter again today … Continue reading →

2018 Worldcon Adds Picacio and Hayes as GoHs
San Jose announced new Guests of Honor John Picacio and Frank Hayes during the “Future Worldcons” panel today in Helsinki. One of the field’s most celebrated artists, John Picacio is a 12-time Hugo nominee (with two wins) and a 10-time … Continue reading →

Change of Time for Filer Meetup
By Hampus Eckerman: Because of the room situation at Worldcon 75, it is possible that the planned time of a filer premeet before the Hugos would effectively keep all filers from getting seating for the Hugo ceremony. So the premeet … Continue reading →

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017 ToC Released
Series editor John Joseph Adams and guest editor Charles Yu have released their selections for the Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017. From the large number of stories that series editor John Joseph Adams screened for this year’s collection, … Continue reading →

N.K. Jemisin Withdraws from Dragon Awards
N.K. Jemisin has announced she is “Withdrawing from the Dragon Awards”. Last year, as a 2016 nominee in the Best Fantasy Novel category she says, “I took at face value the DA administrators’ insistence that they were trying to create … Continue reading →

Dragon Awards Reverse Decision: Littlewood Withdraws, But Scalzi Stays
Dragon Con, has informed Alison Littlewood and John Scalzi they now have the option to withdraw from the Dragon Awards, after initially informing them that they would not be allowed to. However, Scalzi surprisingly has decided to leave his book … Continue reading →

Croatian Party
By James Bacon: Brilliant Balkans! I’m yearning for milk as I wonder what degree of burn I’ve just encountered. I’m at a Croatian party and am loving the hospitality. Helsinki has kicked off with an incredible energy. By lunchtime Eemeli … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/9/17 Soft Pixel, Warm Pixel, Little Ball Of Scroll
VERIFIED FILER IN HELSINKI. Daniel Dern sent a photo of himself at Worldcon 75 wearing his Filer button: “From the batch I had made at Sasquan. Also note ‘pocket program’.” Can it be, a pocket program that fits in … Continue reading →

Worldcon 75 Closes Membership Sales
The Worldcon 75 committee was unprepared for the turnout on the convention’s first day and has responded to numerous complaints about overcrowding and inability to attend program items by announcing the “Closure of membership sales”: The first day of Worldcon … Continue reading →

Opening Day of Worldcon 75
It’s already happened! Here are highlights, and some issues that have come up. OPENING CEREMONIES POPULAR PROGRAMS Tea and Jeopardy at #Worldcon75 with @EmApocalyptic, @runpetewrite and @GRRMspeaking. Loved every minute! — Jeremy Carter (@audiojeremy) August 9, 2017 Cats moving … Continue reading →

Filer Meetup #1 at Worldcon 75
Greg Hullender says of today’s Filer meetup at Worldcon 75, “It was a fun event, full of smiles and laughter.” Eric Wong snapped these photos of the group: Hampus Eckerman identified the group — going around clockwise: Hampus Eckerman (who … Continue reading →

Dragon Con Refuses To Let Authors Withdraw from Dragon Awards
Alison Littlewood has been told by the President of Dragon Con, Pat Henry, that she will not be allowed to withdraw as a nominee of the Dragon Awards. She posted the convention’s answer on her blog in “Another statement regarding … Continue reading →

2019 Site Selection: Validating Postal Votes
By James Bacon: (Chair of the Dublin in 2019 bid). I’m observing the postal vote process. The administrator and the team are assisted by members of the Dublin in 2019 team and committee, people from six countries are taking part. … Continue reading →

Escape Pod’s Divya Breed and Mur Lafferty Interviewed by Carl Slaughter
By Carl Slaughter: Newly promoted Escape Pod co-editors Divya Breed and Mur Lafferty give us the inside story on the magazine and their careers. Carl Slaughter: What did Escape Pod look like in the beginning, how has it evolved, and … Continue reading →

Worldcon 75 Approaches the Starting Gate
Not exactly a secret: I say, chaps, I think our cover’s blown. #Worldcon75 — Kin-Ming Looi (@kmlooi) August 8, 2017 Program decisions I’ve had plenty of time but I’m still totally torn between what panels to attend in #Worldcon75. … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/8/17 Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Scrolls Of Summer
THE FLAG IS UP. Kevin Standlee and other selected members of Worldcon 75 attended a reception hosted at the Helsinki City Hall to welcome Worldcon to the city. (2) INDEPENDENCE DAY. Did you notice that Hoboken, New Jersey, is a … Continue reading →

Indiana Jones Meets Star Wars
Indy Solo is back in a new galactic adventure, Raiders of the Lost Darth, a mashup imagined by Christophe Lambert and Fabrice Mathieu. (English with French subtitles).… Continue reading →

Worldcon 75 Pre-Con Membership Update
Worldcon 75 has released its latest membership statistics: Attending members 6,001 Supporting members 2,650 Total members 8,651 Before the convention even opens its doors on Thursday, it has attained the third largest total membership among Worldcons since 1999 – trailing … Continue reading →

Docherty and Whyte Seek Hugo Study Committee
Chris Barkley and Vincent Docherty’s proposals to make major changes to several Hugo categories, first published by File 770, are now on the Worldcon 75 business meeting agenda (see page 29, item D.6.) However, Docherty would prefer they not go … Continue reading →

It’s Thrones Almost All The Way Down: A Sci-Fi Video Roundup
Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Why Dragons Halt Progress (2) Brann is coming into his own as the new Three Eyed Raven. This has set the fan theory wheel spinning. Emergency Awesome goes into debunk mode. (3) “The Iron Bank … Continue reading →

New Dragon Awards Press Release Still Includes Two Withdrawn Nominees
Four days after the 2017 Dragon Awards ballot was posted Dragon Con has issued a supporting press release, “Dragon Con’s Dragon Awards Publishes Its 2017 Ballot”. DRAGON CON’S DRAGON AWARDS PUBLISHES ITS 2017 BALLOT — Dragon Con Media (@DragonConMedia) August … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/7/17 There Are Eight Million Pixels In The Naked Scroll
ROBOCALL BOMB THREAT LEADS TO CON EVACUATION. On Sunday fans were ordered to evacuate Yestercon, a one-day nostalgia con in Carson, California, as a result of a bomb threat. PopCultHQ has extensive coverage. …“CelebWorx brought Keith Coogan and Greg … Continue reading →

Help Pick What SFF Goes On This Bookstore’s Shelves
By Cat Eldridge: Here’s a rare opportunity for all of you: help stock the science fiction and fantasy section at Longfellow Books, a locally owned shop here in Portland, Maine. It’s been around for some thirty-five years and is definitely a community … Continue reading →

Scalzi Withdraws from Dragon Awards
John Scalzi has withdrawn The Collapsing Empire as a Dragon Awards nominee. He explained why in a post at Whatever: The reason is simple: Some other finalists are trying to use the book and me as a prop, to advance … Continue reading →

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