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The Ten Greatest Wizards of All Time

A bit problematic, this list. My experience with wizards tells me they are a fickle lot and prone to hubris. And they have powers....Perhaps ranking them might not be such a good idea....

Interview With Gary Chalk, Fantasy Artist, Author and Games Designer

an interview with the unstoppable game designer, author and illustrator - Gary Chalk.

Book Review: Shadows of a Fading World

Shadows of a Fading World is the first anthology from Long Count Press. For a first anthology, it’s pretty impressive. It contains seven stories of varying length, mostly novelette/novella, set in the last days of the world.

C.J. CHERRY, o la aventura permanente

Laura delivers a nice roundup of the career and influences of one of our best - C. J. Cherryh

ROBERT E. HOWARD and the Many Faces of CONAN

Conan, from Weird Tales to remakes - with a dash or two of Frazetta thrown in for verisimilitude.

PAPERBACKS: ACE Doubles, “D-Series,” the “Good Old Stuff”

Ahh nostalgia. For a book series? Certainly, so long as its the tete-beche wonder of the Ace Double. Two books in one! Steve waxes eloquent on a reading experience that is sadly largely forgotten.

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 2 Agents and Editors

How do you get anyone to look at your book? When I was an in-house editor, I was very aware that it was difficult to get anyone to read a submission from a member of the public. The reality is that most editors are extremely busy and continually up against time pressure.

Self-publishing Odyssey: Part 1 The Decision

Alastair Savage joins Achilles, Agamemnon, Helen, Paris and Menelaus before the walls of Troy as he embarks on a self-publishing odyssey.

Book Review: Azieran Adventures Presents Artifacts and Relics

A review of the sword and sorcery anthology

Anime roundup 1/16/2014: Kidnapped By Plot

In this week's viewing: hapless teenaged boys are dragged into supernatural doings left and right, and a dark comedy wins premiere week.

Quique Alcatena—Dibujante por M. C. Carper

M.C. Carper interviews Quique Alcatena about his work and interests.

Book Review: Strange New Words

Keith reviews the Kickstarter-funded collection of shorts from Ari Marmell. "Check it out."

M. C. Carper — Historietista por Jorge Pérez Perri

Mario C. Carper has been interviewing the stars of the Spanish genre world for us. Now, Jorge Pérez Perri interviews Mario C. Carper. You don't need to read Spanish to enjoy Mario's gallery!

A Review of Dangerous Women, an Anthology Edited by Gardner Dozois...

I was absolutely delighted when I received a review copy of the highly anticipated Dangerous Women. Dozois and Martin have produced a blockbuster anthology with an all-star lineup of authors.

Sword and Soul

K. Ceres Wright takes us into the world of afro-centered blood and thunder!

Book Review: A Pair of Sword and Planet Tales

A review of two stories from The Lost Empire of Sol, “The Pirates of Themos” by Tom Doolan and “The Machineries of Mars” Charles Allen Gramlich.

RWBY: The Anime-Inspired Webseries I Can’t Stop Talking About

Morgana Santilli talks about what makes RWBY a great animated series, and webseries.

Review: Ink Mage by Victor Gischler

Ink Mage is not your typical fantasy adventure story. In fact, author Victor Gischler is not your typical fantasy adventure writer. But rest assured, the two have come together into an impressive display of epic storytelling.

Interview with Carl Critchlow, artist, illustrator and inventor of Thrud the...

Carl Critchlow has been an artist and author on the SF and fantasy scenes for almost thirty years, during which his work has appeared in DC Comics as well as 2000AD.

London Expo: October, 2013

London Expo October, 2013

Anime roundup 10/18/2013: It Gets Better

In this week's viewing: Fewer boobs! More plot! Less filling! Tastes great!

The Dancers At the Edge of Chaos (Part 3)

Once more into the Multiverse, dear friends...,

HORACIO LALIA – Historietista por M. C. CARPER

M. C. Carper interviews Horacio Lalia

Anime roundup 10/11/2013: Boob Tube

In this week's viewing: Your reviewer embarks on a journey through Light Novel Adaptation Hell! Plus a few shows that look more promising...

No. 22 – 2013 October – Elizabeth Moon, Military Science Fiction,...

If you like military science fiction, raise the alarm, beat your drum to send all hands to general quarters, and light up your sensors for deep scan. Ms. Moon has several series you won’t want to miss.

Fall 2013 anime preview

There's a veritable stampede of sf headed your way this coming season: 25 series to choose from!

The Dancers at the Edge of Chaos (Part 2)

The Eternal Champion has issues...and the occasional graphic novel.

The Dancers at the Edge of Chaos (Part 1)

Walk softly and carry a big, cursed blade

Worldcon Report

Worldcon both met and fell short of my expectations.


Domingo Santos – Escritor – autor de Gabriel, Hacedor de Mundos y Volveré ayer entre otros libros – Editor de Nueva Dimensión M.C. Carper para...