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The Audio File: Feast of Fiction

Can you eat an audio file? Maybe. But you'll want to have some nibbles on hand when you sit down to read about these gustatory delights.

Women Destroy* Hard SF Poetry!!! Round Up November 2015

Oxymoron? If you think the title of this blog post is one, then read on, dear disillusioned reader! Be warned though, it's going to...


Brianna Wu's stand for women in gamine is prominent throughout the media - genre AND mainstream

Poetry Round-up April 2014

Trolling the internet for wonderful tidbits of and about poetry, this is what I came away with.

Escogiendo el nombre para una revista de ciencia ficción

How do you find a name for your magazine? Your blog? In our case it was easy, but you may not have history on your side...

Speculative Poetry Round-up October/November 2013

A round-up of the speculative poetry I’ve found online in the past month or so.

Poetry Roundup – September 2013

A summary of excellent SF poetry that can be found online.

ASM Blog Horde Interview with James Palmer

Welcome to the Amazing Stories BLOG HORDE INTERVIEWS! The ASM Blog Horde is a diverse and wonderful species. I have the privilege of talking with all...