Speculative Poetry Round-up October/November 2013

Hi there, genre poetry lovers! Here we are and it’s already November. In lieu of a review or interview this week, I’d like to present you with another round-up of the speculative poetry I’ve found online in the past month or so. It’s not all super current, meaning that you could’ve read some of this poetry months or even years ago, but I just found it, or was reminded of it, so maybe you haven’t seen it before either?

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How did I not know that Strange Horizons actually does a genre poetry podcast?! Anaea Lay, their poetry editor, has done a podcast of the poetry from the Indian issue, which appeared the last week of September 2013, and all of the poetry from October 2013. Poetry by Shweta Narayan, Marchell Dyon, Margarita Tenser, April Grant, and Richard Prins is featured, and you can also read everything on the Strange Horizons website.

Strange Horizons Poetry podcast

Every year the Science Fiction Poetry Association posts a number of creepy and Halloween-themed poetry written and read by members of the association.

SFPA Halloween readings

Stone Telling, an online poetry journal edited by Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan, features poetry by JT Stewart and includes other poems by Bogi Takács, Dominik Parisien, Alyza Taguilaso, and many more.

Stone Telling – the Menagerie

Mythic Delirium, edited by Mike Allen, has long been an important publication of weird poetry. Its existence began as a print publication and it has now, as a result of Allen’s most recent Kickstarter campaign, morphed into an online journal that includes short fiction as well as poetry. The 2nd edition of the magazine has its features for October and November up and includes poetry by Jennifer Crow, Liz Bourke, Brittany Warman, and Yoon Ha Lee.

Mythic Delirium 0.2

In my last round-up (September 2013), a fellow ASM blogger, John Purcell, and a fanzine editor, John Thiel, commented, pointing out (quite rightly) that I’d completely neglected to mention fanzines that include poetry. That would be because I didn’t know fanzines with poetry existed. I’m not really apologizing for my ignorance (well, maybe I am), but I’d like to point out that it was not meant to be a slight. I haven’t discovered all the poetry there is to find in fanzines, which are still a new world to me, but here’s a list to get you started. None of these are very current, but I just discovered them: Surprising Stories Cover

Surprising Stories – I linked to John Thiel’s fanzine in the comments of the last round-up, but here it is again.

Motorway Dreamer – A fanzine by fellow blogger John Purcell that contains some fine poetry.

Flights from the Iron Moon – Genre poetry in UK fanzines and small magazines from 1980 to 1989, collected by Steve Sneyd.

A Tale from the White Hart – A fanzine in homage to Iain Banks. Poem at the end by Roz Kaveney

If I’ve forgotten anything you wish I had included, please feel free to include a link in the comments. If you know of a venue that publishes genre poetry online (fanzine or webzine) that you think I might not know about, please let me know about it! You can comment here or send me an email c/o Amazing Stories: diane.severson@amazingstoriesmag.com

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I’ll be back on the 4th Friday of November with some reviews—The Offspring of the Moon, by John Sexton and Transmissions for the Mystic Nebula, by Christopher Vera.

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